The Myanmar Coup Tracker is an open-access, crowd-sourced tool for anyone working on Myanmar, whether it is in research, advocacy, or policy. It is a long-term initiative and the entries are updated every week, focusing on internal politics (POL), economic issues (ECN), the CDM movement (CDM), international responses (INT), occurrence of violence (VIO), and freedom of expression/media (EXM).
AA | Arakan Army = an armed group in Rakhine State, not an NCA signatory
AAPP | Assistance Association for Political Prisoners = the main source for the number of people killed in the violence
ANC | The Arakan National Council = one of three Rakhine nationalist groups operating armies in the country
ASSK | Aung San Suu Kyi = ousted Myanmar leader
CDM | Civil Disobedience Movement = part of the anti-coup movement
CRPH | Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw = shadow parliament, part of the anti-coup movement
CSO | civil society organization
EAO | ethnic armed organization = there are 18 active non-state actors in Myanmar, ten signed the NCA
ICC | International Criminal Court = international tribunal in The Hague with jurisdiction to prosecute individuals
ICJ | International Court of Justice = UN organ, international court that adjudicates general disputes between countries
IDPs | internally displaced people
KIA | Kachin Independence Army = based in Kachin State, not an NCA signatory
KNLA | Karen National Liberation Army = KNU’s armed wing, campaigns for the self-determination of the Karen people
KNU | Karen National Union = a political organization based on the Thai-Myanmar border
MAH | Min Aung Hlaing = Commander-in-Chief since 2011, February 1st coup-maker
MEC | Myanmar Economic Corporation = one of the two largest military holding companies in Myanmar
MEHL | Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited = one of the two largest military holding companies in Myanmar
MNDAA | The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army = based in Kokang Region, not an NCA signatory
MOGE | Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise = Myanmar’s state-owned oil and gas enterprise
NCA | National Ceasefire Agreement = started under the military-backed Thein Sein government, it has ten signatories
NLD | National League for Democracy = Myanmar’s ruling party after the elections in 2015, overthrown in the coup
NUG | National Unity Government = interim government, part of the anti-coup movement
PDF | People’s Defense Force = armed wing of the NUG government, precursor of a federal army
SAC | State Administration Council = the official name of the military junta headed by Min Aung Hlaing
SNLD | Shan Nationalities League for Democracy = a political party that campaigns for the interests of the Shan people
TNLA | Ta’ang National Liberation Army = armed wing of the Palaung State Liberation Front in Shan, not an NCA signatory
UEC | Union Election Commission = electoral commission responsible for organizing and overseeing elections
UNGA | United National General Assembly = UN organ
UNHCR | The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees = a UN agency mandated to aid and protect refugees
UNSC | United Nations Security Council = UN organ
USDP | Union Solidarity and Development Party = a political party linked to the military