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26 January

POL The spokesman for the Armed Forces Zaw Min Tun said the military would “take action” and use all available options including the Supreme Court. When asked if he could rule out a coup, he said “cannot say so”.


28 January

POL The military said it would abide by the Constitution and act according to law.

POL The UEC rejected the military’s fraud claims. It investigated 287 complaints and although errors had appeared, voters could not cast multiple ballots with fingers marked in indelible ink.


29 January

POL Armored vehicles were sighted in Yangon and other cities.


1 February

POL The military staged a coup (Notification 1/2021) in Naypyitaw and declared a state of emergency for a year, handed over all executive, legislative and judicial powers to MAH, and detained ASSK, President Win Myint, other NLD party leaders, and CSO activists.

POL The military justified the coup by alleging widespread voter fraud in the November elections. Article 417 of the 2008 Constitution cited by the military as allowing a take over in times of emergency. However, only the president has the executive power to declare a state of emergency.

POL Myanmar’s military imposed an 8 PM to 6 AM curfew across the country.

POL The NLD published a statement on behalf of ASSK written before she was detained, urging people to protest against the coup


2 February

POL The military put 400 elected MPs under house arrest.

POL MAH established the SAC with 13 members (Notification 9/2021).


3 February

POL 5 additional civilian members were added to the SAC (Notification No. 14/2021).


4 February

POL 70 newly-elected MPs from the NLD held their own swearing-in ceremony.


5 February

POL NLD lawmakers held an emergency parliamentary session and formed the CRPH to serve as a legitimate Parliament. The CRPH has 20 members, 17 from the NLD.


8 February

POL First TV address by MAH.

POL The CRPH publicly announced its formation, condemned the coup, recognized the CDM’s existence and goal of a federal union.


9 February

POL 300 MPs-elect join the CRPH to challenge the junta.

POL The military began a secretive trial for ASSK and Win Myint without their lawyers present.


12 February

POL The junta released 23 314 prisoners as part of an amnesty to celebrate the 71st Union Day.


13 February

POL SAC made changes to privacy laws which now allow authorities to enter private residences without warrants and detain people without permission from a court.


15 February

POL The court in Naypyitaw postponed a hearing of ASSK’s case for another 2 days.


16 February

POL The new charge against ASSK under the Natural Disaster Management Law for having broken COVID-19 restrictions. The court hearing of ASSK and Win Myint, which was initially postponed to 17 February, started via video without the knowledge of ASSK’s lawyer.

POL The military promised there would be elections and power would be handed over to the winning party, but no election date was set.


20 February

POL NCA signatories announced that they will no longer negotiate with the junta.


22 February

POL The CRPH appointed Dr. Sasa as its special ambassador to the UN.

POL The CRPH opened an international relations office in Maryland, US.


23 February

POL The military dissolved the State Counsellor’s Office held by ASSK.


24 February

POL The junta-appointed Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin held talks with Thailand and Indonesia in Bangkok.

25 February

POL The first large pro-military rally since the army seized power in Yangon.


26 February

POL The junta-appointed UEC conducted a meeting joined by 53 political parties, while most major parties boycotted the meeting.

POL The military-appointed 7 additional members to the UEC.


27 February

POL Myanmar's UN ambassador was fired by the military a day after he urged the UN to use "any means necessary".


28 February

POL The Foreign Ministry ordered a large number of transfers of ambassadors.


1 March

POL ASSK and Win Myint made a court appearance via video for the first time and were charged with 2 more offenses.

POL The CRPH declared the military (Tatmadaw) a terrorist group.

POL The CRPH requested the former ambassador to the UN Kyaw Moe Htun to continue.

POL MNDAA, TNLA, and AA announced a unilateral 1-month extension of their ceasefires until the end of March.


2 March

POL The CRPH appointed 4 acting Union Ministers to oversee 9 ministries.

POL The military replaced the Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the UN Kyaw Moe Tun with Tin Maung Naing, who resigned the next day and said Kyaw Moe Tun would continue to represent the country.


4 March

POL The NLD and the ethnic political parties that won seats in the 2020 elections rejected the junta-appointed UEC’s proposal for a PR electoral system.

POL The SAC threatened to take action against those interacting with the CRPH.


5 March

POL The CRPH released a statement outlining its 4 objectives: end of military rule; freeing of political detainees; return to democracy, and establishing a new Constitution based on the federal system.


6 March

POL The junta-appointed UEC announced that it inspected the ballot papers used in Tamwe and found 10 000 missing ballots and 5 000 extra ballots.

POL The military filed the first corruption charges against the ousted Minister of Religious Affairs U Thura Aung Ko.


7 March

POL The junta-appointed UEC announced that it had inspected the ballot papers used in Meiktila and found 12 000 missing ballots and 1 000 extra ballots.


8 March

POL The military accused Sean Turnell of trying to flee the country with secret financial information.


10 March

POL Israeli-Canadian lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe was hired by the junta.


11 March

POL ASSK facing new charges of taking bribes in the amount of $1,3 mil.

POL SAC held its first press conference – here are the main points.


12 March

POL The 10 NCA signatories met to discuss how to prevent further bloodshed.


15 March

POL Martial law was imposed on South Dagon, North Dagon, Dagon Seikkan, and North Okkalapa townships in Yangon and parts of Mandalay.

POL The court adjourned ASSK’s hearing to 24 March over Internet issues.


16 March

POL Dr. Sasa was charged with high treason for accepting an appointment as Myanmar’s representative to the UN by the CRPH.


17 March

POL The CRPH decriminalized all EAOs and declared the Tatmadaw a terrorist organization.

POL The military launched a second corruption probe against ASSK, accusing her of accepting more than $500 000 from a local businessman.

POL The military released all election sub-commission members and made them sign a statement confirming electoral fraud in their townships.

POL The military is increasing pressure on private banks to reopen by threatening the forced transfer of private deposit accounts to military-controlled banks.


18 March

POL MAH joined a virtual ASEAN meeting.


20 March

POL CRPH MPs said efforts to reach a deal with other stakeholders on establishing a federal union are making good progress.


23 March

POL Sean Turnell is under investigation for violating the Immigration and Official Secrets Acts.

POL The military informed INTERPOL to arrest members of the CRPH.

POL AA joined other EAOs in condemning the coup.


24 March

POL The military freed 628 coup detainees.

POL ASSK’s video court appearance was deferred to 1 April due to the Internet shutdown.


26 March

POL The junta freed 322 detainees.


31 March

POL ASSK met her lawyer for the first time since her detention.

POL The CPRH abolished the 2008 Constitution and replaced it with the Federal Democracy Charter, a 22-page interim constitution envisioning a federal future.


1 April

POL ASSK and Sean Turnell were charged with breaking the Official Secrets Law.


3 April

POL 10 EAOs met virtually to discuss the situation.


4 April

POL Total did not halt gas production despite growing calls to do so.


7 April

POL The CRPH gathered 180 000 pieces of evidence of human rights abuses by the military.


8 April

POL SNLD called on other parties, armed resistance groups, and the CRPH to work together to form a federal army.


10 April

POL 19 people sentenced to death for killing an associate of an army captain; 1st such sentence since the coup.


12 April

POL ASSK was charged again under the Natural Disaster Management Law during a video court hearing in Naypyidaw. She’s been charged in 6 cases altogether.


16 April

POL The CRPH formed the National Unity Government (NUG), a government-in-exile, which includes 26 ousted lawmakers, members of ethnic minority groups, and anti-coup figures.

POL Pro-KIA march in Mogok, Mandalay Region, with large “Welcome KIA” banners on the street. The next day, the military forces gunned down at least 2 people in the city.


17 April

POL The junta released 23 184 prisoners to mark the traditional Thingyan New Year.


22 April

POL An open letter from the NUG expressed willingness to join the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting.

POL The NUG urged Interpol to work with Indonesian police to arrest MAH when he travels for the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting on 23 April, his 1st overseas trip.

POL Pro-KIA protests in Kachin State and in central Myanmar.


26 April

POL In a court hearing, ASSK complained about not being able to meet her lawyers in person. The next court hearing is scheduled for 10 May.


1 May

POL The military to 'normalize' post-coup economy: partially eased restrictions on Internet access and presented a plan to drop charges against prosecuted civil servants.


3 May

POL The CRPH appointed the Minister of Human Rights, the Minister of Labour, and 4 deputy ministers.


4 May

POL The military received hundreds of millions of dollars from gas sales through a financial scheme linked to a pipeline exploited by French Total.


5 May

POL The Chief Minister of Sagaing charged under the Anti-Corruption Law.

POL The NUG set up the People’s Defence Force (PDF) as a precursor to the Federal Democratic Armed Forces. Ordinary civilians all around the country began forming local PDF groups.


6 May

POL ASSK was charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act at the Yangon court while facing 5 charges at the Naypyitaw court. The next hearing is scheduled for 20 May.


8 May

POL The junta-controlled Investment Commission approved 15 projects, including a Chinese $2.5-billion natural gas power project, the biggest investment since the coup.


10 May

POL ASSK was tried in person at a special court in Naypyitaw.

POL Myanmar's foreign exchange hit a record low of 1 660 kyats on the dollar.


11 May

POL Protests around Myanmar marking 100 days of the coup.

POL 3 reporters (from DVB) and 2 activists were arrested in Thailand for illegal entry and face possible deportation. DVB appealed to the UNHCR for help.


12 May

POL The military opened job announcements for educators to replace striking staff.

POL An exodus of international organizations: Coca-Cola, the World Bank, and McKinsey.


13 May

POL The junta put Mindat Township in Chin State under martial law.

POL The military arrested 2 former NLD MPs from Rakhine State.


14 May

POL NLD member U Win Htein and former captain in the Myanmar military to be tried on sedition charges with a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years.


19 May

POL 50 activists and NLD MPs in Ayeyarwady Region were initially charged with violating the Penal Code, charged also with high treason.


20 May

POL Senior leaders of the People Party resigned as Chair Ko Ko Gyi decided to join the coordination meeting with the junta-appointed UEC and parties on 21 May.

POL The supreme court took over the Official Secrets Act case against ASSK, Sean Turnell, and 3 former cabinet members.

POL The military removed the age limit for positions of Senior and Vice-Senior General.


21 May

POL The military-appointed Thein Soe as the new Chair of the UEC.

POL The junta started recruiting adult jobless children of soldiers and retired officers.

POL 49 political parties joined the military-appointed UEC meeting in Naypyitaw.


22 May

POL The NLD Secretary of Yangon Region was arrested at his home.


24 May

POL ASSK’s first in-person appearance at a special court in Naypyitaw, also her first meeting with her legal team.

POL MAH reassured Beijing that his regime will protect foreign-funded enterprises.


25 May

POL ASSK moved to an unknown location, kept in isolation.


26 May

POL Total promises to suspend cash payments linked to the Yadana gas pipeline, which Total operates through a joint venture with MOGE.


27 May

POL AAPP shared a list of 4331 people in detention since 1 February.

POL Total and Chevron suspended some payments from a gas joint venture that would otherwise reach the military.


28 May

POL The military sentenced 28 people to 20 years in jail for arson attacks on 2 Chinese-backed factories in Yangon.

POL The NUG and the Japan Parliamentary Group Supporting Democracy in Myanmar released a joint statement to cooperate in the future and agreed on 9 points.

POL A Myanmar military tribunal sentenced 28 people to 20 years in jail with hard labor for arson attacks on two Chinese factories.


30 May

POL NUG affirmed cooperation with the International Court of Justice in the case of the Rohingya people. Rakhine parties condemned the NUG for this.

POL The NUG launched its official website:


31 May

POL CNF allied with the NUG, becoming the first EAO to take sides with the country’s shadow government formed to topple the military regime.


3 June

POL The military ordered the cancellation of CDM doctors’ passports and their medical licenses.

POL ASSK’s hearing for the Official Secrets Act in Yangon adjourned to 17 June.

POL The military recalled retired soldiers and recruited civilians amid escalating conflict with KIA in Putao.

POL MAH met ultranationalist Ma Ba Tha Buddhist monk in Hpa-an.


4 June

POL The NUG released a statement recognizing Rohingya’s rights to citizenship and suggested repealing the country’s 1982 Citizenship Law.


5 June

POL The NUG appointed 3 new ministers of Justice; Communication, Information & Technology; and Electricity & Energy.

POL MAH met with the Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Chen Hai in Naypyitaw. China supports the consensus reached by the ASEAN on 24 April.


6 June

POL 222 heads of middle and private schools from Magway removed from duties.


7 June

POL PDFs formed in Monywa, and Chaung-U, Sagaing Region.

POL The NUG will classify all organizations supporting the military as terrorists.

POL ASSK asked civilians to donate money to cover her legal fees and basic living expenses; she is under house arrest refuses the assistance provided by the SAC.

POL The junta judge overseeing ASSK’s trial to complete the hearing of the 5 cases against her within 180 days, and proceedings in the first criminal case are set to finish on 28 June. The hearings would take place every Monday and Tuesday.


8 June

POL In Sagaing Region, 555 education civil servants were removed from their duties.


9 June

POL ASSK was hit with fresh corruption charges, misuse of land for a charity foundation, taking her number of alleged offenses to 7.


12 June

POL Myanmar junta accuses ethnic armies of bombings and of killing 25 workers.


13 June

POL The former Head of Myanmar’s COVID-19 immunization program was arrested and the other 26 doctors face charges of high treason.


14 June

POL The military wrote to political parties and lawmakers warning against their involvement with the NUG.

POL Indian arms company supplied military technology for coastal surveillance to the coup regime.

POL The military gave cash to families of assassinated Yangon administrators working for the regime. 30 administrators were killed between March and early June. Several ward administrators have resigned in the wake of the killings.

POL The first of ASSK's 3 trials got underway in Naypyitaw.


15 June

POL The military to reopen the Russian-backed steel plant in Shan State closed 4 years ago, a project of MEC and a Russian state-owned company.


16 June

POL The Confederation of Trade Unions took steps to file a class-action lawsuit against the junta to compensate over 70 000 government workers dismissed by the military junta.


17 June

POL AA released 17 police and immigration officers in a sign of warming relations between the AA and the military.

POL The spokesman for the NUG U Zaw Htay was released from military custody after more than 4 months of detention.


18 June

POL AA released another 6 military personnel it captured in clashes with the military (signaling closer ties between the ethnic armed group and the military).

POL The military formed a new Ministry of Cooperatives and Development of Rural Areas, it also reformed the ministry of education and established a new ministry for science and technology.


20 June

POL MAH flew out of the country to attend a conference in Moscow, his 2nd trip abroad since the coup.

POL In Mindat Township, which is still under martial law, local defense forces and the military signed a 14-day ceasefire from 20 June to 4 July.


21 June

POL The secretary of Russia's Security Council and MAH committed to further strengthening security ties between the countries at the Moscow meeting.

POL MAH attended the Moscow Conference on International Security, where he got to look at more deadly toys. The military is hoping to get its hands on the military tech of Rosoboronexport, a state-run arms export firm that has been under US sanctions since 2015 for selling weapons to Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

POL The military locked down the China-backed Shwe Kokko new city project in Karen State, following a spike in COVID-19 infections.


22 June

POL MAH lauded Russia as Myanmar’s “friend forever” while stating that the US is “not very intimate” compared with neighboring China and India due to its “far distance”, in an interview with Russian media.


23 June

POL MAH spoke at the international security conference in Moscow, declaring his regime is “simply trying to bring honesty back to democracy since the previous government won last year’s election by rigging the vote”.

POL A massive auction of illegal timber on 23 and 24 June for the junta to line its pockets and fund the coup.


24 June

POL The military organized a new legal team to present the defense in the Rohingya genocide case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, previously led by ASSK.

POL MAH visited the Kamaz automobile plant, which produces military-use vehicles. Most of the trucks used at the Russian Armed Forces were manufactured by this company.


25 June

POL According to Dr. Sasa, the NUG has collected over 400 000 pieces of evidence of human rights violation, ready to be used in front of the ICC.

POL According to NUG Deputy Foreign Minister U Moe Zaw Oo, the NUG preparing to sign the Rome Statute to sue the SAC at the ICC.

POL MAH visited in Kazan city the Zelenodolsk plant, a ship manufacturing facility that builds military vessels.


26 June

POL The military sold metal worth at least US$51 million as it seeks to raise hard currency to fund its coup.

POL MAH toured the factory of Kazan Helicopters, one of the largest military helicopter manufacturers in the world. They export to more than 100 countries, including Myanmar.


29 June

POL The Rohingya Solidarity Organization released a statement calling for Rohingya youths to prepare for an armed uprising against the SAC soon.

POL The military dropped charges against 24 celebrities who had been declared wanted under an anti-incitement law after anti-government comments.

POL Head of Myanmar EAO’s Peace Process Steering Team General Yawd Serk stepped down.


30 June

POL Deputy Minister of Information announced the release of 2 342 political prisoners, who took part in protests but not in leading roles, among them at least 14 journalists, and also 5-year-old Su Htet Wyne (detained on 28 June).

POL 20 top gem industry figures attended a meeting hosted by the Myanmar Gems Enterprise to discuss securing new technology and foreign investment for the sector.


1 July

POL 230 education civil servants from Kayah State were removed from their duties.


2 July

POL The military invited bids for 12 solar power projects to raise foreign currency, with Thai and Chinese companies planning to make bids.


3 July

POL The Tatmadaw information team stated that the legal team led by lawyer Christopher Staker will continue to defend Myanmar at the ICJ.


4 July

POL “Mango” PDF (Thayet) formed in Thayet, Magway Region.


7 July

POL 405 CSOs (collectively calling themselves Myanmar Spring) publicly criticized the CRPH for effectively following the 2008 Constitution and lack of discussion with non-NLD forces.

POL ASSK’s personal aide U Zaw Naing Win, ex Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was sentenced to 7 years in jail.


9 July

POL The UEC announced it finished its audit of the 2020 elections and claimed that 11 305 290 illegal votes had been cast.


10 July

POL The NUG Ministry of Electricity and Energy announced tax exemption on oil and petroleum products until further notice to cut SAC revenues.


11 July

POL MAH has not appeared in public for 2 weeks since he returned from Russia on 27 June.

POL The newly formed Shan State Front for Federal appealed on unity in Shan State where 2 major armed groups - the Shan State Progressive Party and the Restoration Council of Shan State - are in conflict over a territorial dispute (since 2016, intensified after the coup with the military busy in Yangon) instead of targeting the military.


12 July

POL Order-letter issued to administrators in Yangon requiring late-night household inspections to enforce the rule (announced on 10 February) requiring households to register overnight guests, which has gone unenforced since attacks on local administrators began in May.


13 July

POL ASSK faces a potential prison sentence of 75 years for a total of 10 cases after the military filed 4 new corruption charges in Mandalay in its effort to ensure that she stays behind bars.


14 July

POL Israeli-Canadian lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe, hired by the military in March, stopped his work with the generals because sanctions prevented him from being paid.

POL Minister of Defence stated that more than 8 000 PDF recruits were fully trained.


15 July

POL Independent Economists for Myanmar warned of a twin electricity sector crisis: (1) A short-term financing gap because customers are not paying their power bills; (2) which could lead to high inflation if the junta is forced to increase the money supply to cover the financing shortfall. Authorities are trying to force people to pay bills by cutting off supply – the response of guerrilla groups is bombing electricity offices.

POL Major Tun Tauk Naing, a leading member of the Mandalay PDF who was arrested on 23 June, now actively working with the SAC to try and convince PDF members to return back to the fold.


17 July

POL The NUG Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation blacklisted 21 directors and managers from Myanma Gems Enterprise for pressuring CDM staff.


20 July

POL SAC released an order under Section 419 of the Constitution, providing amnesties to all those charged prior to 1 February, in order to prevent the proliferation of COVID-19 cases in detention facilities.


21 July

POL The NUG formed an 11-member COVID-19 Task Force with local health organizations in the country’s ethnic areas to control the virus in cooperation with international agencies.


23 July

POL A new temporary head of the embassy in London appointed by the junta.


26 July

POL The military officially canceled the November 2020 elections, citing its unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud. The NLD rejected the annulment.


30 July

POL The military-controlled Central Bank of Myanmar sold nearly US$90 million since the coup as the kyat’s value tumbles.


1 August

POL MAH took on a new title as Prime Minister of the newly formed caretaker government (replacing the SAC) and extended the state of emergency until new multi-party elections by August 2023 and promised cooperation with any special envoy named by the ASEAN.

POL Deputy Commander-in-Chief Soe Win, previously Vice-Chair of the SAC, now appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the caretaker government.

POL The SAC Councils transformed into state and regional governments. The chairpersons of the councils will remain as the chief ministers of the new regime, with some exceptions.


2 August

POL NUG declared the military caretaker government illegal and condemned MAH for taking the prime minister role.


4 August

POL The military limited the number of foreign staff allowed to work in domestic banks, a move that could further impede financial development.


5 August

POL 28 political parties, including USDP, Rakhine State National United Party, Wa National Party, Mro National Development Party, Karen People’s Party, and National Development Party issued a joint statement saying they will work with the junta.


6 August

POL The military offered amnesty to some protesters in hiding, prompting a skeptical response from several facing charges.

POL Hundreds of CSOs rejected the appointment of the special envoy by the ASEAN, saying the organization should have also consulted opponents of the junta and other parties.

POL ​​The junta’s Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin indicated the regime’s opposition to Erywan's meeting with NUG representatives at the ASEAN-EU ministerial meeting.


10 August

POL Mindat CDF offers K5 million reward to regime forces who defect to it with their weapons.


15 August

POL Tickets in the NUG Spring Lottery, aimed at raising funds, sold out on the 1st day within 2 hours.


17 August

POL The junta’s UEC announced plans to audit the financial records of Myanmar’s political parties, which may be used as a pretext to disband certain parties.


18 August

POL A new report by the Independent Economists for Myanmar argued that mismanagement by the military triggered a full-scale banking crisis by (1) arresting 4 of Myanmar’s leading financial experts; (2) suspending 200 staff at the Central Bank; (3) stopping depositors from accessing most of their money; and (4) using threats to force people to place their cash into banks.

POL In Naypyitaw, 4 ousted officials were charged under Section 55 of anti-corruption law.


20 August

POL The NUG launched Radio NUG to support effective communication between it and the people. In response, the military is confiscating radios from shops and plans to restrict imports.


22 August

POL The CRPH condemned the exclusion of its representatives to attend the 42nd session of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (to be held 22-25 August) while the SAC’s representative was approved to be an observer.


23 August

POL MAH is considering changing the country’s electoral system from the existing majoritarian model to proportional representation.


24 August

POL The junta added a genocide law to the country’s colonial-era Penal Code, an attempt to ease international pressure on the regime as it faces a genocide charge at the ICJ for the atrocities against the Rohingya.

POL The NUG marked the 4th anniversary of the start of a campaign of violence against the Rohingya by a statement condemning the military's "atrocity crimes". The NUG also reiterated its plans to abolish the discriminatory 1982 Citizenship Law.


25 August

POL According to NUG Deputy Foreign Minister, the ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar, Erywan Yusof, has not yet contacted the NUG officially.

POL Myanmar bought Russian Pantsir S-1 systems (tactical air defense system).


3 September

POL Ethnic Karen leaders announced that the NCA was no longer valid due to the military coup.


5 September

POL A live YouTube broadcast featured a raffle for donors who contributed to the NUG’s "5 Million Challenge" fundraiser.


6 September

POL Another lottery, the NUG's Spring Lottery sold out in half an hour.


7 September

POL NUG President Duwa Lashi La announced the D-Day - people’s resistance war against the junta - and urged the public across the country to revolt against the military regime (the NUG itself did not appear to have significantly scaled up its capacity to wage war). The NUG declared a state of emergency and announced (more symbolic than anything) that all ministries under the military government were shut down. While there aren’t any nationwide, coordinated attacks yet, the announcement has seemingly emboldened guerrilla fighters to escalate assassinations and bomb attacks.

POL The chair of the KNU’s Dooplaya District called on the NUG to withdraw its declaration of war.

POL The junta denied that it ever agreed to the ceasefire proposed by the ASEAN envoy.

POL The junta released anti-Muslim monk Wirathu, 10 months after his arrest and 7 months after the coup.


8 September

POL The chair of the KNU’s Dooplaya District called on the NUG to withdraw its declaration of war.


9 September

POL KNLA managed to take over the military base in Bago Region.


10 September

POL Fuel prices rose by between 70% and 80% in 7 months since February.


13 September

POL ASSK was unable to appear at a court hearing for health reasons (dizziness).

POL Both the junta and the NUG launched rival bids to fill Myanmar’s seat for UNGA, which convenes next week. The UN avoided making a decision (for now) - the US and China have brokered an agreement, to keep still-serving Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun, but he will not speak during the high-level engagement. This is a compromise of China and Russia pushing for junta rep while the US is pushing for Kyaw Moe Tun. The Credentials Committee will still have to make a decision by November as the UNGA procedure requires that all decisions be made by the end of the year.


14 September

POL ASSK attended a hearing at a special court in Naypyitaw, as she was feeling better.


17 September

POL The NUG appointed a team for its representative office in South Korea that will handle bilateral relations.

POL ASSK will begin weekly court hearings for 4 out of 11 corruption charges against her on 1 October.


21 September

POL A military council court in Naypyitaw indicted ASSK for incitement under Section 505b of the Penal Code.


23 September

POL Sean Turnell and ASSK appeared in court alongside 3 ousted Union ministers for the 1st time since their arrest.

POL NUG’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Department of State held a meeting and discussed the current political situations and human rights situations of Myanmar.


24 September

POL The SAC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on “the international community to refrain from any form of engagement with terrorist organizations and their representatives”, hinting at the NUG and Kyaw Moe Tun.


30 September

POL During a press conference, military spokesperson Zaw Min Tun made a rare admission of culpability, saying the current government will have to take responsibility "for the economic crisis in Myanmar” because of the central bank’s inability to meet local demand for the dollar and the COVID-19 outbreak.


1 October

POL Former Yangon Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein testified against ASSK in a corruption case filed by the junta.


4 October

POL 12 village administrators in Katha Township, Sagaing Region, resigned after the township’s PDF warned them to quit by October 10.


6 October

POL 20 administration resignations out of fear of being attacked by PDFs in Yangon Region.

POL Military court imposes life jail sentences on 4 garment workers in Yangon on charges including high treason and links to an unlawful association.


7 October

POL Detained American journalist Danny Fenster faces in addition to a charge for incitement also an additional charge of violating the Unlawful Associations Act.


8 October

POL 6 more officials resigned in Sagaing, together 100 local administrators in Sagaing, Magwe, and Yangon Regions quit working for the junta in recent weeks fearing for their lives amid clashes between the military and PDF.

POL Tatmadaw veterans in Magway Region were invited by the military to return to army service; nearly 100 veterans signed up.


11 October

POL The junta media accused 6 EAO's of terrorism.

POL Win Myint revealed in court that the military tried to force him to resign during the coup, apparently to legitimize the takeover, but he refused.


12 October

POL Family members of high-ranking military officers evacuated from Sagaing Region on military aircraft.


14 October

POL The junta stepped up efforts to switch the country’s electoral system to Proportional Representation, which would make it easier for smaller parties to win parliamentary seats and would therefore benefit the military’s proxy USDP.

POL 2 more lawyers defending ASSK prohibited from talking to the media by the SAC; 4 members of ASSK’s legal team are now under such prohibition.


15 October

POL The junta turned down the ASEAN Special Envoy’s request to meet ASSK.

POL The junta also released 114 members of ethnic armed groups from prison.


17 October

POL Additional charge against American journalist Danny Fenster related to his work with Myanmar Now.


18 October

POL The junta released over 5 600 anti-coup protesters; 110 of them were rearrested on the same day and charged under the terrorism law.


24 October

POL The military rulers followed their stern rebuke of ASEAN with a pledge to cooperate “as much as possible” with the 5-point consensus it agreed with ASEAN.

POL NUG appointed Bo Hla Tint as its ambassador to ASEAN.


25 October

POL Pro-junta rallies were held in Naypyitaw and other towns with a strong military presence. A mix of Buddhist nationalist monks and the supporters of military-backed political parties paraded with posters declaring their support for the military regime.


28 October

POL A spokesperson from the NUG said they formed a committee in collaboration with some armed ethnic groups called the Central Command and Coordination Committee (C3C).


29 October

POL Win Htein, a senior aide to ASSK, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of high treason.

POL NUG said it formed a command structure to coordinate between civilian resistance forces and allied EAOs to fight the regime.


31 October

POL Pro-SAC rallies were held in Ayeyarwaddy Region, in Bago Region, and in Mandalay City.

POL The NUG's Human Rights Ministry called for resistance groups to avoid using violence against civilians "especially children".


2 November

POL Kayan Township was hit by a wave of resignations (almost every local administrator quit); the junta struggles to retain control.


3 November

POL The military stood by its decision to deny the Southeast Asian envoy access to ASSK, resisting growing international pressure to comply with a regional peace plan agreed in April.


5 November

POL Military-linked parties begin a 3-day conference on switching to the PR electoral system.


6 November

POL The NUG announced that they plan to end military rule within 2 years, at which point they will work to rebuild Myanmar with domestic and international businesses who paid taxes to them.


10 November

POL Myanmar court sentenced 2 members of ASSK’s political party to 90 years and 75 years in prison after finding them guilty of corruption.


12 November

POL Politicians and resistance fighters in the Yaw region of Magway formed a People’s Administration Team to govern much of the area after the majority of state employees working under the junta there resigned or defected.


13 November

POL Yohei Sasakawa, the Japan Representative for Myanmar National Reconciliation and Chairman of The Nippon Foundation, arrived in Myanmar. While his visit was “personal” he traveled to Rakhine State and met with the junta, politicians, and ethnic leaders in Naypyitaw and Yangon. He was also asked by the US to assist in negotiations for Danny Fenster’s release.


16 November

POL The National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), the anti-coup regime coalition, said during its 1st online press conference, that it would continue its efforts to broaden its alliance against the junta.

POL The military imposed new restrictions on motorbikes, as an attempt to limit the movements of civilian resistance fighters (who use motorbikes to carry out shooting and bombing attacks on junta forces) in Yangon, Tanintharyi, Sagaing, and Mandalay regions.

POL The junta charged ASSK, Win Myint, and 14 other individuals for alleged election fraud.


19 November

POL The military regime rejected a request from Yohei Sasakawa to meet ASSK.


22 November

POL The UK invited ASEAN nations (except for Myanmar) to attend a G7 foreign ministers meeting in Liverpool from 10-12 December.

POL MAH didn't attend the virtual China-ASEAN leaders' summit (the 2nd time the regime has been excluded from high-level ASEAN meetings after the ASEAN Summit on 26 October).


23 November

POL NUG Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Tu Hkawng attended an ASEAN seminar (23-24 November) on climate change and diplomatic challenges in the face of the COVID-19 in Southeast Asia (becoming the 1st NUG minister invited to a meeting held by the bloc).


30 November

POL 3 members of the NLD were charged with terrorism by a military regime court, after being accused of planning to bomb a power station in Naypyitaw. 50 elected leaders and top officials served under the NLD government face lengthy terms of imprisonment for an array of charges brought against them since the coup.


1 December

POL The US’ top diplomat for Asia, who is currently on a visit to the region, will reaffirm Washington’s commitment to work with Southeast Asian countries, including on the Myanmar crisis.

POL The military regime filed a new corruption charge against ASSK and President U Win Myint related to the rental and purchase of a helicopter for use in the management of natural disasters and state affairs.


6 December

POL ASSK and Win Myint received their 1st guilty verdicts from a military court, both convicted under section 505(b) of the Penal Code for incitement as well as under section 25 of the Natural Disaster Management Law for breaching COVID-19 restrictions. Initially, they were handed 4-year sentences, but the junta unexpectedly announced that both had been issued a pardon, reducing their sentences to 2 years.


7 December

POL The junta made military training compulsory for soldiers' children. Since April, any male or female child over the age of 15 and able to hold a gun has been forced to undergo military training.


11 December

POL The NUG’s Ministry of Planning, Finance, and Investment legalized the use of "USD Tether (USDT)", a stable cryptocurrency for local use, which should eliminate barriers to donate to the NUG and to PDF.


11 December

POL The NUG’s Ministry of Planning, Finance, and Investment legalized the use of "USD Tether (USDT)", a stable cryptocurrency for local use, which should eliminate barriers to donate to the NUG and to PDF.


17 December

POL ASSK appeared in prison uniform in the court. 


24 December

POL MAH attended the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Myanmar Navy in Yangon and commissioned the Myanmar military’s 2nd submarine (provided by China). 


27 December

POL The NUG and the ethnic Karenni State Consultative Council held a virtual joint press conference regarding the 24 December massacre in Kayah state to publicize their findings. 


3 January

POL The NUG held a virtual press conference regarding the massacre in Kayah State on 24 December.


4 January

POL To mark Myanmar’s Independence Day MAH honored 1 000 staff, including soldiers, police, ministries staff and several hundred assassinated ward administrators.


5 January

POL The NUG’s Ministry of Human Rights issued a statement condemning the killings of 35 civilians in the 24 December massacre and calling on the UNSC to hold an immediate plenary meeting on Myanmar and adopt a resolution that blocks the flow of arms and cash to the junta and that it refers the junta’s crimes to the ICC.

POL The NUG recently met virtually with the leadership of AA where they discussed a range of issues including possible future cooperation.


7 January

POL CRPH issued a statement regarding the Cambodian PM’s visit, stating that “his meeting with MAH will not benefit Myanmar and its people" and might be interpreted as a changing of stance by the ASEAN.


10 January

POL A special court set up by the Myanmar junta in Naypyitaw sentenced ASSK to an additional 4 years’ imprisonment in 3 cases against her, including alleged illegal possession of walkie-talkies and breaching COVID-19 restrictions.

POL Major reshuffle in the junta: the judge advocate general Aung Lin Dwe was transferred to the reserve force (while he remains the secretary of SAC), replaced by Myo Thet Naung; the inspector and auditor general Min Naing was also reassigned to the reserve forces, replaced by Soe Min Oo, and others. 


11 January

POL The military is for the 1st time requiring the wives of its mid-ranking officers to undergo military training.


14 January

POL The junta filed 5 new corruption charges against ASSK and Win Myint, under the Anti-Corruption Law, related to the purchase and use of a helicopter from the National Disaster Management Fund.


15 January

POL  The Karenni National Progressive Party rejected an offer for peace talks made by MAH in comments marking the 70th anniversary of Kayah State Day. 


18 January

POL The junta provided military training and weapons to hundreds of military supporters, members of the USDP, and former soldiers in several cities, as it struggled with a shortage of human resources.


27 January

POL The junta released 2 ailing NLD figures from prison: NLD Central Executive Committee member Han Tha Myint, and former Planning and Finance Minister U Soe Win.

POL The NUCC started a 3-day online congress, attended by 388 delegates representing MPs, political parties, and civil society, and ratified Parts I and II of the Federal Democracy Charter and an interim constitutional arrangement.


31 January

POL MAH obtained a 6-month extension on the state of emergency from the National Defence and Security Council (made up of top military chiefs and cooperative politicians). 


3 February

POL The junta filed the 11th corruption charge against ASSK for bribery under section 55 of the Anti-Corruption Law, for allegedly receiving $550,000 of donations to her Daw Khin Kyi Foundation. 


7 February

POL On the 61st anniversary of Kachin Revolution Day, the KIO’s chairman called for greater cooperation with the NUG, as violence once again surges across the state. 


12 February

POL The Diamond Jubilee Union Day ceremony was organized by the junta to celebrate the 75th Union Day commemorating the signing of the Panglong Agreement. Representatives from 10 EAOs attended Myanmar’s junta-organized event in Naypyitaw (6 signatories to the NCA and 4 non-signatories).

POL The junta announced an amnesty for 814 prisoners to mark the country’s Union Day. 


14 February

POL ASSK went on trial on election fraud charges, the latest in a series of criminal prosecutions by the military-run government in which she has already been sentenced to 6 years in prison.


20 February

POL The junta rejected the ASEAN special envoy’s request to meet shadow government representatives. 


23 February

POL The junta-appointed UEC for the 2nd time (1st time on 8 February) threatened the NLD and the SNLD (major parties that won in the 2020 election) with disbandment if they don’t comply with its order to submit their financial accounts for inspection by 9 March.


5 March

POL The AA held a virtual press conference in which it restated the group’s neutrality.


7 March

POL The junta-controlled Ministry of Immigration and Population imposed new travel restrictions on its citizens, making national registration cards, necessary for travel as of 1 April.


11 March

POL The junta terminated the citizenship of another 16 prominent resistance figures (the 1st round was announced on 4 March).

POL The junta confirmed the switch to a proportional representation system for the 2023 general election (endorsed by MAH on 31 January), allowing MAH to secure the presidency.


14 March

POL Former Brigadier General Thura U Aung Ko, who served as the Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture under the NLD government, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for alleged corruption.

POL ASSK denied accepting bribes from U Phyo Min Thein, the Yangon Region chief minister, at a court hearing in Naypyitaw.


21 March

POL 3 lieutenant colonels serving as battalion commanders for the military defected to the KNU, making them the highest-ranking soldiers to do so since the coup. 


22 March

POL The junta detained Khin Shwe, a business tycoon and chair of the military-linked Zaykabar Group, as the 1st detained crony since the coup, along with his son Zay Thiha. 


23 March

POL The junta enacted a new law making it compulsory for law enforcement officers to fight alongside soldiers on the front lines, while expanding their powers to restrict citizens’ civil liberties.


24 March

POL The junta reached out to ethnic armed groups for talks because it wanted to show it is implementing the ASEAN 5-point consensus.

POL The junta held a press conference afternoon in Nay Pyi Taw during which its spokesman Zaw Min Tun addressed the recent arrest of crony Khin Shwe and his son, the nationwide electricity cuts, and the US’ determination that the military committed genocide against the Rohingya. The arrest and detention of tycoon Khin Shwe by the military regime hint at a split between MAH's ruling faction and Shwe Mann.


25 March

POL The KNU rejected an offer to join a body formed to negotiate a ceasefire in Karen State, saying it cannot participate while regime forces remain in its territory.

POL The UEC announced adopting a Closed List PR system for the upcoming election, except for the ethnic affairs minister races, which will still use FPTP.


27 March

POL During Armed Forces Day MAH paid respects to 25 retired senior military officials who attended the anniversary of the founding of the Myanmar military. Former President Thein Sein was a guest of honor


31 March

POL ASSK appeared in court in Naypyitaw after being kept in quarantine after some people at her house tested positive for COVID-19.

POL  A court inside Yangon’s Insein Prison gave 3-year sentences to a journalist  Phoe Thar and 9 student activists for their opposition to the military dictatorship.


3 April

POL A group of signatories to the NCA wrapped up their 5-day summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 8 signatories sent an official representative to the conference, with only the Chin National Front and the KNU absent.

POL  The junta ordered that foreign exchange earned by locals must be converted into the local currency at the official rate within one working day (no-dollar policy).


4 April

POL Japan and Singapore asked for exemptions to the no-dollar policy.


7 April

POL The NUG announced a slew of financial rewards to encourage more deserting junta soldiers to either bring war machines with them or destroy them while in service. Tatmadaw personnel who defect with fighter jets, military helicopters, navy boats, and navy ships and join the CDM will receive a reward of US$500,000 and those who defect with tanks and armored vehicles will receive US$100,000. 


9 April

POL Myanmar’s regime raised the official retirement age for civil servants to 62 in a bid to shore up military manpower.


14 April

POL The Interim Chin National Consultative Council issued a statement on marking its 1-year anniversary; it is planning to develop the Chinland Charter and Chinland Government.


16 April

POL The NUG marked its 1-year anniversary.


17 April

POL To mark the Myanmar New Year, SAC pardoned 1 619 prisoners and 42 foreigners (Sean Turnell not among them).


18 April

POL The NUG set up a FB page, People’s Embrace, to help the junta soldiers and police to defect with military equippment. So far, there were up to 30 enquiries made.


21 April

POL The military regime issued an “emergency alert” to all of its units across the country to prepare for resistance attacks.


22 April

POL MAH invited the leaders of EAOs for talks “to end armed conflict” in a short and unusual televised address without any date or specific groups mentioned. EAO leaders are to register by 9 May.

POL Former Deputy Minister of Construction Kyaw Lin and former Minister of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations Thaung Tun were sentenced to 20 and 9 years in prison under anti-corruption charges.


23 April

POL The NUG Minister of Home Affairs Lwin Ko Latt stated that interim people administrations were implemented in 29 townships of Sagaing Region and 7 townships of Magway Region; they will accept taxes contributed by the people.


24 April

POL The former Kachin State Chief Minister Dr. Khet Aung and former Finance Minister Wai Lin were sentenced to 12 and 9 years in prison under anti-corruption charges.


27 April

POL POL A Myanmar junta court found ASSK guilty of corruption for supposedly accepting bribes worth US$600,000 in cash and gold from deposed Yangon chief minister Phyo Min Thein and sentenced to 5 years in prison (in addition to the 6 years she is already serving for other cases against her). 

POL The junta-installed UEC member Khin Maung Oo spoke about the regime’s plans to hold elections next year, the plan is here


1 May

POL The junta is proceeding with its plan to hold an election next year, announcing the addition of 46 new districts to the existing 75, for a total of 121.


2 May

POL Myanmar’s military regime filed 2 more charges of corruption against detained ASSK after handing her a 5-year prison sentence for corruption on 27 April.


10 May

POL The former deputy governor of the Central Bank detained by the junta for more than a year was formally accused of corruption by the military council—a charge that carries a prison sentence of 15 years.


13 May

POL Committees representing 12 region and state Hluttaws issued a joint statement opposing any attempt to hold elections.


16 May

POL The NUG met with the AA. The statement afterward stated the two sides held “cordial discussions on the current political situation” in Myanmar and exchanged “views.


17 May

POL Senior AA officer urges Rakhine people not to invest in the new town project in Gwa Township and to boycott military products. 


18 May

POL The junta stopped issuing passports to striking civil servants in an effort to prevent them from leaving the country. 


19 May

POL NUG Interim President Duwa Lashi La has announced that judicial bodies have been formed in 15 townships in Sagaing Region and judicial powers had been delegated to them.


20 May

POL General Yawd Serk, the chairman of the Restoration Council of Shan State Army-South, met with regime MAH, becoming the first ethnic leader to join the junta’s peace talks.


23 May

POL The country’s major EAOs rejected the junta’s recent offer of peace talks as neither genuine nor all-inclusive, the NMSP became the 2nd EAO, after the Restoration Council of Shan State Army-South, to meet with MAH in Naypyitaw.


26 May

POL The Department of Basic Education has banned 16 private schools in Nay Pyi Taw accused of being involved in politics from opening for the 2022-2023 academic year.

POL The NUG Ministry of Defense stated that those joining SAC People’s Security Teams would no longer be regarded as civilians and would be targeted by military action. NUG urged them to defect to the PDFs with arms.


30 May

POL The junta met with a delegation from the United Wa State Party (being the 4th EAO in the peace talks). The group continues committed to its neutrality.


31 May

POL Businessman Maung Weik, the key witness in a corruption case against ASSK, testified that an alleged bribe paid to her was really a donation to her charity. 


1 June

POL NUG declared that any agreements made with the terrorist regime were illegal and warned that they won’t be recognized, as the junta continued to hold talks with a number of EAO.

POL The NUG and 3 allied organizations objected to ASEAN’s decision to provide humanitarian aid to Myanmar through the country’s military regime.


3 June

POL Myanmar’s junta approved execution orders for the death sentences handed down to 4 people, including former NLD lawmaker Ko Phyo Zeya Thaw and veteran democracy activist Ko Jimmy for their anti-regime activities  The French Embassy in Myanmar condemned the SAC’s decision.


4 June

POL The MNDAA, also known as the Mongla group, was the 5th EAO to meet with the junta in a series of peace talks


7 June

POL NUG President Duwa Lashi La announced the formation of the People's Police Force, which would essentially be a police force under the command of the parallel government. 


9 June

POL The junta indicted ASSK and Sean Turnell, as well as 3 NLD cabinet members, for charges under the Official Secrets Act.


12 June

POL The Arakan Liberation Party delegation led by its Vice-Chairwoman Saw Mya Yarzar Lin arrived in Naypyitaw to meet with MAH as the 4th EAO (out of 10) for peace talks.


14 June

POL ASSK  made her 2nd public statement during her court hearing in Naypyitaw, she urged citizens to cooperate in the name of unity.

POL The AA held a press conference, where it touted good relations with the NUG, threatened an escalation of “military confrontation” with the junta and claimed to have received 100 defectors/deserters since the coup.


15 June

POL The Pa-O National Liberation Organization arrived in Naypyitaw, becoming the 7th EAO to meet the junta as part of its peace talks efforts. 


23 June

POL The Myanmar junta confirmed that it has moved ASSK to prison from an undisclosed location where she had been under house arrest, and placed in solitary confinement.


29 June

POL Ma Ba Tha monks have been rallying villagers to support military rule and formed militias. 


5 July

POL The Myanmar Navy of Myanmar conducted a joint naval and air exercises named Sea Shield-2022 on 1-5 July with the participation of 2 submarines (Minye Theinkhathu and Minye Kyaw Htin) from the Tatmadaw off the coast of Rakhine State.


6 July

POL After several weeks the junta’s peace talks resumed with a 10th delegation from the Lahu Democratic Union arriving in Naypyitaw. 


9 July

POL The NLD released a statement saying it will not accept the junta’s upcoming sham election next year.


14 July

POL The Shan State Progress Party met with a junta delegation in Shan State.

POL The regime’s Commerce Ministry held a meeting to discuss buying 1 000 tonnes of rice with public funds and delivering it to the Sri Lankan people as humanitarian aid.


15 July

POL The price of pharmaceuticals has increased by 5 to 10 percent and some medicines are out of stock because of the red tape being applied in the application procedure for import permits. 


22 July

POL Ko Jimmy and Ko Phyo Zeyar Thaw were permitted to virtually meet their families for the 1st time since their arrests. The families were also allowed to give a small amount of food via prison authorities.


25 July

POL Responses within Myanmar: The AA, Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF), and the People's Party  released a condeming statement in response to the executions. The coalition of the AA, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army, and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army also put out a joint statement. The Yangon Region Military Command under the NUG vowed to avenge their deaths and some urban guerilla groups have already taken matters into their own hands. 

POL Also hundreds of pro-army protesters gathered in Yangon in a show of support for the Myanmar regime’s recent executions.


27 July

POL 50 people armed with knives and sticks visited Phyo Zeya Thaw’s and Ko Jimmy’s parents' home, throwing stones, eggs, and other materials at the house. 

POL Political prisoners facing the death penalty inside Yangon’s Insein Prison have been separated from the rest of the prison population. Currently 117 people are facing the death penalty.


28 July

POL The NUG, the CRPH, along with the KNU, Karenni National Progressive Party, Chin National Front, All Burma Students Democratic Front, and the NLD vowed in a joint statement to fight the regime on all fronts and by all means.


30 July

POL The SAC convened the National Defence and Security Council to extend the State of Emergency for 6 more months.


11 August

POL The UEC issued a notice requiring political parties to seek its prior approval before meeting foreign organizations and individuals.

POL Sean Turnell testified at a hearing in Naypyitaw for the 1st time since his trial began. He denied the allegations against him and pleaded not guilty. 


15 August

POL A court sentenced ASSK to 6 years in prison after finding her guilty in 4 corruption cases. So far, she has been sentenced to 17 years prison with all her cases.


19 August

POL The head of the Central Bank was replaced as part of a surprise reshuffle by the junta. Deputy Governor Than Than Swe, who was hospitalized after being shot by unidentified attackers at her home on 7 April, will now head the bank, replacing Than Nyein.


23 August

POL The junta’s peace talks continued with another round of meetings between the Pa-O National Liberation Organization, the Lahu Democratic Union, and the Arakan Liberation Party, later joined by the Restoration Council of Shan State


26 August

POL The junta's transport ministry has ordered all bus companies to record the exact personal data of passengers before selling the tickets. Passengers must give a "recommendation letter" and their Citizenship Scrutiny Card. This is likely an attempt to limit the movements of PDF fighters.


31 August

POL KNU and Democratic Karen Buddhist Army came to a historic agreement to reunify as the Kawthoolei Armed Forces, to fight against the military dictatorship. 


1 September

POL MAH met former dictator Than Shwe.


2 September

POL The military regime has handed a 1-year prison sentences to Britain’s former ambassador to Myanmar, Vicky Bowman, and her husband, Ko Htein Lin, for breaching the Immigration Act.

POL ASSK was found guilty of electoral fraud and sentenced to 3 years in jail with hard labour.


8 September

POL A junta court inside Naypyitaw Prison heard the last testimony in the case against economic advisor Sean Turnell under the colonial-era Official Secrets Act.


14 September

POL The KNU/KNLA-Peace Council and the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army became the latest groups to join the junta’s 2nd round of peace talks


16 September

POL Leaders of the UWSA and AA met in Mongla, Shan State to establish personal ties between the allies and deepen cooperation.


20 September

POL The junta warned the public against showing moral support for the resistance movement, threatening jail terms of up to 10 years just for liking or sharing its content on social media.


29 September

POL ASSK’s economic advisor Sean Turnell was sentenced to 3 years in prison for violating the Official Secrets Act and for visa violations. The Australian Senate Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong issued a statement calling for the immediate release of Sean Turnell.

POL ASSK was sentenced to an additional 3 years in prison for breaching the Official Secrets Act. 


12 October

POL ASSK’s was given three additional years for charges on corruption, extending her prison sentence to 26 years. 


13 October

POL Aung Naing Oo, who was appointed deputy director of the President’s Office under the NLD, was sentenced to 10 years in prison yesterday for violating the Official Secrets Act.


14 October

POL Australian economist Sean Turnell, who received his first convictions in late September, was transferred from Naypyitaw Prison back to Insein Prison in Yangon where he had previously been held for over a year when he was first arrested. 


15 October

POL The NUG has opened its 1st township court in Sagaing Region.


18 October

POL ASSK and President Win Myint face corruption charges over helicopter use during natural disasters.


31 October

POL The Magway District Court sentenced Win Myint Hlaing, a deposed lawmaker from Taungdwingyi Township in Magway Region to a staggering 148 years in prison on terrorism charges.


1 November

POL The regime has enacted a new Organization Registration Law with tougher restrictions and rules on both domestic and international NGOs.

POL An internal court in Pyay Prison in Bago Region sentenced 10 political prisoners, including charity workers and poets, to between three and 30 years of imprisonment.

POL The junta’s Health Ministry fired and revoked the licences of more than 550 doctors.


3 November

POL The former NLD parlimentarian Win Myint Hlaing was sentenced to 173 years in prison, the longest in Myanmar’s history.


17 November

POL 6 000 prisoners across the country have been released, including 4 foreigners (former British Embassador Vicky Bowman, Australian economics adviser Sean Turnell, Japanese journalist Toru Kubota, and American-Myanmar botanist Kyaw Htay Oo), and 6 journalists, 11 celebrities, and other high-profile political prisoners, as part of a National Day (17 November) pardon. Some have, however, been rearrested.


29 November

POL Two lawmakers from the NLD, Dr.Pyae Phyo Oo and Wai Lin Aung, were sentenced to 26 years in prison.


30 November

POL The former deputy speaker of Myanmar’s Lower Gouse Tun Tun Hein was sentenced to 20 years in prison for alleged treason.

POL The US Embassy issued a security alert for Myanmar due to increased violent attacks in public areas.

POL ASSK has been sentenced to a further 7 years in prison, taking her overall jail time to 33 years.


7 December

POLJunta Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin visited Cambodia and met with Prime Minister Hun Sen to discuss bilateral relations and ASEAN issues.


14 December

POL Several activists were given harsh prison sentences, such as Shwe Htoo (former political prisoner under Than Shwe), 17 years, Sue Sha Shinn Thant (LGBTI+ activist), 22 years. 


20 December

POL 20 village administrators resigned out of fear for their safety amid rising tensions between the military and the AA in Rakhine State; in total, 100 village administrators submitted their resignations over 2 months.


29 December

POL MAH approved an additional military budget of more than 440 billion kyats (US$155 million) to fund his multi-front war.


1 January

POL MAH handed out decorations to honor his predecessors and ultranationalist Buddhist monk U Wirathu on New Year’s Day.


4 January

POL The military’s proxy party USDP met with 37 other political parties that attended the junta-organized Independence Day parade in Naypyitaw where MAH announced the sham 2023 elections.


5 January

POL The military government released 7,012 prisoners under an amnesty to mark independence day. Among the released Thura Aung Ko (former government minister) and Htin Lin Oo (author and NLD official).

POL Officials from the United Wa State Party, Shan State Progress Party, and MNDAA met with the junta’s State Peace Talks Team in Naypyitaw to discuss the groups’ political needs and the basic articles of the constitution. 


15 January

POL The chairman of the USDP travelled to Shan State to woo ethnic support for the junta’s planned election.

POL Junta Home Affairs Minister Lieutenant-General Soe Htut urged military officials to take advantage of the ongoing “pre-poll census” to track down resistance groups.

POL The junta had moved deposed President Win Myint from an undisclosed location in Naypyitaw to Taungoo Prison.


16 January

POL The Arakan Army and the military exchanged 10 prisoners in Rakhine State’s Ponnagyun Township for the 2nd time since their informal ceasefire in November last year.


17 January

POL The military fully suspended issuing and renewing passports, as well as accepting new passport applications.


19 January

POL MAH met Thai Chief of Defense Forces General Chalermpol Srisawat in Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State, to discuss promotion of ties and cooperation between the two militaries during the 3-day meeting.


26 January

POL The military regime’s a new Political Parties Registration Law effectively dissolves existing political parties in favor of the military’s proxy USDP. It requires political parties to reregister within 60 days or face dissolution, recruit at least 100 000 members within 90 days, open offices in 150 of the country’s 330 townships within 6 months, and deposit 100 million kyats (US$35,000 at the unofficial rate) in a state-owned bank. 


27 January

POL The military regime is forcing wives of policy officers in Rakhine State to take military training.


28 January

POL The junta regime was giving the 2nd military training to the wives of police in Rakhine State.