Summary of category CDM


2 February

CDM Health workers and civil society started the CDM movement.

CDM People started banging pots and pans at 8 PM every evening (a traditional way to drive out evil spirits).


6 February

CDM Tens of thousands of civilians took to the streets to join peaceful protests.


10 February

CDM Health

CDM Civil servants and police officers at Kayah State protested against the coup.


14 February

CDM Health

CDM The CDM spread, disrupting air and train travel.


16 February

CDM Protesters took again to the streets despite a heavy military and police presence.


17 February

CDM Mass demonstrations with more than 100 000 people in the streets of Myanmar.


18 February

CDM Drivers in Yangon staged a “broken down cars” campaign for a second day, blocking major roads to prevent people from going to work.


22 February

CDM Millions of people joined the nationwide “22222” protest.


25 February

CDM “Thanaka campaign”, painting protest messages on the skin using thanaka.


28 February

CDM “Milk Tea Alliance” street rallies and social media campaigns across Asia.


4 March

CDM 600 police officers joined the CDM.


7 March

CDM Trade unions called for a nationwide work stoppage and support to the CDM.


12 March

CDM Protests erupted after social media called to mark the death anniversary of Phone Maw (killed in 1988 at the Rangoon Institute of Technology).


16 March

CDM Mass funerals held across Yangon, with hundreds gathering to say goodbye to those killed after the bloodiest day since the coup.


23 March

CDM The military dismissed 56 staff from the Foreign Ministry who supported the CDM.


24 March

CDM People held a nationwide “silent strike”. The junta detained 100 staff from major shopping chains for participating in the silent strike.


26 March

CDM The Myanmar CDM nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


30 March

CDM Protesters threw garbage on the streets to express their opposition to the coup.


4 April

CDM Protesters handed out Easter eggs with painted anti-coup slogans.


5 April

CDM Protesters in Yangon clapped together at 5 PM in a show of dissent.


6 April

CDM Demonstrators splashed red paint to protest against the military bloodshed.


8 April

CDM “Marching shoes strike”, with people placing flowers in shoes in public places.


11 April

CDM “Flash Strike”, aiming flashlights into the night sky to signal rejection of the coup.


15 April

CDM People refuse to celebrate the Thingyan New Year under the military.


16 April

CDM “Silent strike” to mourn the 700 people killed since the coup.


21 April

CDM A blue-shirt campaign to call for the release of 3 300 detainees.


23 April

CDM Protesters returned to the streets of Yangon after a weeks-long absence following military-led massacres that killed hundreds.


25 April

CDM In Mandalay, the University Students Union called for a boycott of military-provided education as the junta plans to reopen schools.


11 May

CDM Protests around Myanmar marking 100 days of the coup.


22 May

CDM 12 police officers in Chin State joined the CDM.

CDM 125 900 school teachers suspended for joining a CDM in their school boycott.


26 May

CDM 90 % of students refused to enroll in Myanmar’s education system under the coup regime.


3 June

CDM Children in Rakhine State attend school, ignoring Myanmar’s school boycott.


8 June

CDM 5 people arrested, including a prominent political activist, a well-renowned poet, and former NLD-appointed Chief Minister of Magway Region.


12 June

CDM Striking military officers urged the public to welcome and protect military personnel who join the CDM.


19 June

CDM ASSK celebrating her 76th birthday under military detention. There were flower protests as well as solidarity events abroad for this occasion.


29 June

CDM TNLA banned the sale of goods from military companies in its territory (northern Shan State).


3 July

CDM Protesters burned MAH's images on his birthday.


3 July

CDM Protesters hit the streets across Myanmar to mark the anniversary of 1962 student protests against the country’s 1st junta.


15 July

CDM 176 CDM civil servants of the education department from 18 townships of Shan State removed from their positions.


18 July

CDM The son of ASSK Htein Lin (Kim Aris) attended and addressed the Martyrs' Day event in London.


19 July

CDM Martyrs’ Day ceremony marking the assassination of General Aung San and his colleagues on 19 July 1947, opponents of the coup held protests.


23 July

CDM Thousands of political prisoners held protests against prison authorities by shouting anti-regime slogans at Yangon’s Insein Prison.


2 August

CDM 20 civil servants arrested for supporting the CDM released from Insein Prison.


6 August

CDM Beauty queen Htar Htet is collecting donations to support comrades involved in the CDM.


8 August

CDM Anti-military protests broke out across the country on the 33rd anniversary of the 1988 uprising. The campaign slogan was “Blood feuds from ’88 must be settled by 2021.”


12 August

CDM The UNGA expected to decide next month whether the junta or the NUG represents Myanmar on the world stage. Small-scale demonstrations (e.g. in Mandalay) held across the country in recent days, with protesters displaying messages of support for the NUG. The related "Accept NUG, Reject Military" profile campaign on social media reached about 2 million netizens in 3 days.


19 August

CDM 40 military troops based in Tanintharyi and Magwe regions fled the armed forces and joined in against the junta.

CDM For the 1st time, after 143 years, the national lottery is being boycotted by the public, as people refuse to make any kind of payment to the military.


27 August

CDM Striking police officers in Kayah State formed a police force that will work together with anti-regime groups to fight the military rule, the 1st such shadow police force formed since February.


28 August

CDM The NUG urged security forces not to obey SAC’s orders and pledged assistance to soldiers defecting to join the resistance.


31 August

CDM The People’s Soldiers group of military personnel who defected the Tatmadaw apologized to the public over killings by the military.


7 September

CDM Protesters destroyed around 68 military-owned communications towers.


11 September

CDM Singer Song Oo Hlaing performed at a concert in NYC to raise funds for the Spring Revolution. The event raised US$75 000.


19 September

CDM Kachin youth gathered in downtown Myitkyina to show their opposition to MAH’s visit.


21 September

CDM Hundreds of people are receiving military training at a camp of the People's Revolutionary Army camp in Sagaing Region.


23 September

CDM 30 junta police officers and soldiers in Chin State joined the CDM since the declaration of a People’s Defensive War.


3 October

CDM Monks in Mandalay protested to demand the immediate release of an arrested monk.


11 October

CDM Protesters gathered in Sagaing Region and chanted slogans calling for the immediate release of ASSK and Win Myint.


14 October

CDM A 3rd secretary from the Myanmar Embassy in London joined the CDM; she is the 2nd diplomatic official of the embassy to join.


18 October

CDM An anti-regime protest in Mandalay: (20 civilians injured; 10 people arrested).


24 October

CDM A group of young activists marched in Yangon with fire torches under the slogan "Destroy all pillars supporting the junta".


5 November

CDM 500 civil rights groups called for a UNSC meeting to stop escalating violence in Myanmar's Chin State, which has become a forefront of resistance against military rule.


8 November

CDM Myanmar social media filled with people sharing their memories of voting one year ago and expressing their sadness that their voices were not listened to.


1 December

CDM 2 000 soldiers and 6 000 police officers now joined the CDM against the junta since the coup.


8 December

CDM Police officers who left their posts to join the CDM in Kalay formed their own law enforcement service in partnership with local PDF fighters.


10 December

CDM Protesters hold a "Silent strike" nationwide against the military junta after the massacre of villagers by soldiers. The junta pressured the public not to participate and keep shops open.


4 January

CDM The NUG’s Command &Control Unit claimed that they are able to coordinate with 35 undisclosed resistance groups. 


5 January 

CDM 3 resistance groups declared an alliance with the NUG’s Command & Control Unit of Yangon Region.


7 January 

CDM Protests in Mandalay, Tanintharyi, and Monywa took place ahead of Hun Sen’s arrival.


25 January

CDM The military warned that those who adhere to or promote revolutionary forces’ calls to close businesses and participate in silent protest on the upcoming coup anniversary could face life in prison.


28 January

CDM The junta forces arrested 13 Yangon and Mandalay shop owners who notified customers that their businesses will be closed on 1 February.


31 January

CDM Civil servants working under the junta in Myaing were warned in a letter to leave by February 10 or action would be taken for non-compliance and urged them to join the CDM. 80% of public employees in Magway Region joined the CDM.


1 February

CDM Myanmar people marked the 1st coup anniversary with a silent strike. Also pro-military demonstrations were held in an effort to counter the silent strike.

CDM Aung Aung, a man from Kyaukpadaung, burned himself alive in protest against the military. 


2 February

CDM The CDM and NUG are among the nominees for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.


3 February

CDM The junta arrested and charged more than a 100 people in the past week for their social media posts in support of the anti-regime movement.


7 February

CDM The KNU issued a statement warning all armed forces and civil servants working under the junta in Kayin State to resign and to stand with the people.

CDM A Myanmar citizen filed a complaint with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority against Telenor Group in an attempt to stop the transfer of sensitive user data in the controversial sale of its Myanmar subsidiary to military-linked companies.


8 February

CDM 30 civil servants working for the General Administration Department and Ministry of Education in Sagaing Region resigned. 


13 February

CDM The All Burma Federation of Student Unions, North Dagon Oppressed People’s Strike Coalition, and the Spring Coalition General Strike Committee protested in Yangon and chanted slogans against the military dictatorship and in support of political prisoners in Insein prison who have gone on a hunger strike. 


16 February

CDM 3 PDFs active in Naypyitaw demanded the resignations of all local officials, whom they regard as vital to the military regime’s administration of the country. 


21 February

CDM 20 youths in Magwe Region were detained for distributing leaflets calling for people to join the “Six Twos Revolution” general strike on the following day (22/02/2022). 


22 February

CDM The turnout in the “Six Twos Revolution” (22/02/2022) was nowhere near as protests last year, they were still widespread. Political prisoners in Insein, Pathein, and Loikaw prisons smeared their faces with thanaka and observed a silence, as an act of solidarity with the protesters outside. 


27 February

CDM Activists staged protests to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


2 March

CDM The junta released 5 celebrities who had been previously jailed for their anti-military and anti-coup resistance to mark Peasants' Day.


3 March

CDM 100 Tatmadaw Air Force personnel defected and joined the CDM.


13 March

CDM Teenage girls who participated in an anti-coup protest in Mingalar Taung Nyunt to mark the Myanmar Human Rights Day (the 34th anniversary of the death of Ko Phone Maw and Ko Soe Naing, who were shot dead by riot police on 13 March 1988) were badly injured after being arrested and beaten by junta security forces.


18 March

CDM Political prisoners held in Dawei, Tanintharyi Region, who raised 3-finger salutes against military rule before their court hearings, were placed in solitary confinement for nearly a month.


21 March

CDM A campaign was launched to protest against Prak Sokhonn’s itinerary, saying that only Win Myint and ASSK are the official government. Also, activists gathered in Mandalay to demonstrate against Sokhonn.

CDM 3 lieutenant colonels serving as battalion commanders for the military defected to the KNU, making them the highest-ranking soldiers to do so since the coup. 


23 March

CDM Anti-dictatorship activists in Mandalay asked people not to participate in celebrations for the Myanmar New Year (Thingyan) which are being arranged by the military.


27 March

CDM A number of demonstrations were held across the country. 


13 April

CDM Myanmar marked its New Year water festival with silence protests and boycotts. The state-run media worked overtime all week to pretend that everything was normal.

CDM In Sagaing Region, 20 000 students are being taught by 2,000 CDM teachers under the mechanisms of NUG and Kani People Administration.


17 April

CDM PDF fighters provided security for an anti-military protest in Sagaing Region. 5 resistance fighters were killed by junta soldiers.


21 April

CDM A coalition of 16 resistance groups warned MEHL and Chinese companies to suspend work and urged employees at copper mines in Sagaing Region to join the CDM by 5 May. 

CDM The Blue Shirt Campaign: to express solidarity with Myanmar's political prisoners and democracy internationally. 


3 May

CDM The protesters climbed to Mya Leik mountain and unfurled a 30-foot-long banner that criticized the junta. 


4 May

CDM Migrants from Myanmar in New Zealand raised over $3 million funds to reportedly buy surface-to-air missiles and help PDF in efforts to fight the country's military junta.


26 May

CDM The Department of Basic Education has banned 16 private schools in Nay Pyi Taw accused of being involved in politics from opening for the 2022-2023 academic year.


14 June

CDM The military captured 30 young adults participants in anti-junta flash demonstrations in Yangon.


19 June

CDM From countryside and major cities, the Myanmar people united to celebrate ASSK´s 77th birthday, calling for her release from junta detention. 100 political prisoners were locked in a fish-paste warehouse in Mandalay’s Obo Prison for celebrating ASSK’s 77th.


21 June

CDM During a press conference, NUG media official Ko Nay Phone Latt said that the PDFs were becoming stronger, more organized, and were getting closer to the level of a professional army.


19 July

CDM People across Myanmar celebrated Martyrs’ Day (which marks the anniversary of the assassination of General Aung San) - protests were dispersed within a short time to avoid confrontations with security forces.

CDM Saw Nerdah Bo Mya, the former commander of the Karen National Defence Organization (KNDO, one of the KNU’s 2 armed wings) formed the Kawthoolei Army, a new Karen armed group (composed of former KNDO/DKBA-5 fighters and PDF members).


24 July

CDM People protested in Japan after the Japanese government invited the junta to the funeral of Shinzo Abe on 27 September.


25 July

CDM In Yangon, a group of activists also protested against the executions. Uniformed police and soldiers were stopping random pedestrians and checking phones. On Facebook, many changed their profile picture to black or red as a form of protest. Protests broke out also inside the Insein Prison


31 July

CDM Oath-taking ceremonies pledging allegiance to the resistance took plce across the country. / Yangon residents banged pots and pans and sounded vehicle horns as a part of a public pledge to defeat the dictatorship.

CDM A fundraising event for the revolution in Malaysia’s Selangor State was attended by thousands of Myanmar people.


6 August

CDM Anti-coup revolutionary strike held in a village from Sagaing's Yinmabin township.


7 August

CDM Myanmar nationals living in South Korea marched in Seoul to condemn Myanmar’s recent execution of 4 democracy activists, demanding action to stop the flow of funds & arms, as well as targeted sanctions against MOGE.


11 August

CDM Chiang Mai University in Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spring University Myanmar to take in 500 students. The SUM was founded in May 2021, in collaboration with the NUG’s education ministry, to provide education for students who were boycotting the junta-led schools. 


27 August

CDM The junta detained 20 people, including 3 striking civil servants participating in the CDM. 50 soldiers blocked off the staff quarters at the university and searched the houses. 


1 September

CDM The All Arakan Youth Organization Network called for a boycott of military-linked products in Rakhine State because of hardship caused by military transport bans and civilian casualties from junta attacks.

CDM In Mandalay’s Obo Prison 21 people, including teachers and students that demonstrated against the junta, were sentenced to 3 years in prison under section 505-A of the Penal Code.


4 September

CDM In Yangon, activists displayed a poster reading “UN Prove Your Existence for Justice” in front of the UN office in Yangon in support of reappointing current ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun. 


17 September

CDM Myanmar people protest outside UN headquarters in NYC to demand that U Kyaw Moe Tun remain Myanmar’s ambassador to the UN.


11 October

CDM 21 PDFs in the area united under the KNU leadership in Thaton, Mon State.


12 October

CDM The Myanmar  community in California, US, gathered to call for the US to support democracy in Myanmar. 


14 November

CDM Mandalay protest leader Dr Tayza San led a protest with hundreds people against the military dictatorship.


1 December

CDM Myanmar sentenced 11 young citizens to death for their resistance movement against the military regime.


5 January

CDM Mandalay PDFs held talks with the NUG to discuss operations and the creation of more battalions.


5 January

CDM Mandalay PDFs held talks with the NUG to discuss operations and the creation of more battalions.


15 January

CDM The NUG raised $100 million from selling bonds, auctioning the property of MAH and collecting taxes to oppose the junta. 


20 January

CDM Clashes: across the country (87 junta forces were killed in 3 days). / The military arrested 10 women in Mandalay Region accused of providing financial support to the PDFs; some were raped by junta officers at an interrogation center. / Nerdah Bo Mya’s Kawthoolei Army faces allegations of committing another massacre of 8 men whose bodies were discovered with gunshot wounds in Tanintharyi Region after they admitted the 1st massacre of 25 men in Myawaddy Township in June 2021.


21 January

CDM Resistance groups have attacked 6 Myanmar junta offices in Yangon, Sagaing, and Magwe regions in two days to disrupt plans for a general election later this year.


22 January

CDM Clashes: across the country (47 junta forces were killed in 3 days), in Sagaing Region (junta forces raided Charity Clinic looking to arrest doctors and a nurse participating in the CDM).


25 January

CDM The pro-democracy forces called on the public to stage a silent strike to mark the 2nd anniversary of the coup.