September 2021

1 September

ECN German food giant Metro announced the termination of its operations in Myanmar by October.

INT Vice Senior General Soe Win, Deputy Military Chief, and Vice Chairman of the SAC attended the closing ceremony of the International Army Games-2021 in Russia. High-profile monk Sitagu Sayadaw accompanied the junta.

INT A high-level delegation from the Pakistani Defense Ministry visited Myanmar; they held talks between 1-5 September on technology, aircraft repair, and maintenance, and naval munitions.

VIO 30 000 residents from 30 villages in Pauk, Magwe Region, fled their homes due to junta raids that started last week.


2 September

INT The junta will be present at the Eastern Economic Forum 2021 held in Vladivostok on September 2-4 during which it will hold a series of meetings with Russian businesspeople and officials.

VIO The junta troops burned donations of rice, food, and tarpaulins intended for 2 000 IDPs from Kin Ma, Magwe Region. Resistance forces killed an alleged military informant in Yangon and then detonated 2 bombs, injuring junta forces who arrived at the scene to investigate.


3 September

POL Ethnic Karen leaders announced that the NCA was no longer valid due to the military coup.

INT The UK government imposed sanctions against Myanmar tycoon Tay Za and his businesses for providing financial support and arms to the military.

INT Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Alexander Fomin held a meeting with Soe Win about deepening the military cooperation.

VIO The military destroyed religious buildings in Chin State.


4 September

INT Russia continues to fulfill the contract with supplying Myanmar with Yak-130 aircraft, weapons, and ammunition, signed with Myanmar 5 years ago.

VIO The military used artillery on civilians in Waingmaw and Laiza in Kachin State.


5 September

POL A live YouTube broadcast featured a raffle for donors who contributed to the NUG’s "5 Million Challenge" fundraiser.

6 September

POL Another lottery, the NUG's Spring Lottery sold out in half an hour.

INT ASEAN's special envoy Erywan Yusof said the Tatmadaw agreed to a 4-month ceasefire for the delivery of humanitarian aid. He did not speak with pro-democracy forces.

VIO Explosions at Telenor and Ooredoo telecom towers in Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Region.


7 September

POL NUG President Duwa Lashi La announced the D-Day - people’s resistance war against the junta - and urged the public across the country to revolt against the military regime (the NUG itself did not appear to have significantly scaled up its capacity to wage war). The NUG declared a state of emergency and announced (more symbolic than anything) that all ministries under the military government were shut down. While there aren’t any nationwide, coordinated attacks yet, the announcement has seemingly emboldened guerrilla fighters to escalate assassinations and bomb attacks.

POL The chair of the KNU’s Dooplaya District called on the NUG to withdraw its declaration of war.

POL The junta denied that it ever agreed to the ceasefire proposed by the ASEAN envoy.

POL The junta released anti-Muslim monk Wirathu, 10 months after his arrest and 7 months after the coup.

ECN Telenor’s exit plan is proving a little difficult - the junta is reluctant to approve the sale of Telenor’s Myanmar subsidiary to Lebanese M1, which will delay M1's plan to invest $330 million over 3 years.

INT The UK expressed mild opposition to the NUG announcement in a tweet by the UK ambassador calling on "all parties to engage in dialogue". Similarly, the US said that it "doesn't condone violence as a solution to the current crisis”.

INT The Thai police were alerted to arrest anyone related to the NUG found to be staying in Thailand.

VIO Protesters destroyed around 68 military-owned communications towers.

VIO Resistance coalition between the PDF and KNLA clashed with the junta in Tanintharyi. Fighting ignited between the KIA and the junta in Sagaing. The PDF attacked a military battalion at the base of Mandalay Hill, killing 2 junta troops.

VIO The military council raided the house of NUG President Duwa Lashi La in Lashio, Shan State.


8 September

POL The chair of the KNU’s Dooplaya District called on the NUG to withdraw its declaration of war.

VIO PDFs across the country announced an escalation in attacks on junta forces in response to the declaration of war by the NUG. PDF fighters and the junta engaged in a clash in Sagaing Region’s Myaung, Sagaing Region, fired heavy artillery near a village – killed a civilian; residents fled. 3 bodies were found violently killed in Kalay, Sagaing Region, after military raids.


9 September

INT 23 political parties object to the NUG’s submission to the UN for Kyaw Moe Tun to remain as Myanmar’s ambassador to the UN.

INT Malaysian Foreign Minister said the NUG declaration of war reflects ASEAN'fs failure.  

INT The NLD attended an online meeting organized by the Communist Party of China.

VIO Junta troops killed 18 people, including civilians, in Magway Region, in the deadliest clash since the NUG declared the resistance war. PDF fighters killed 22 soldiers and captured 3 police officers during clashes in central Myanmar. During the battle with the Chinland PDF in Thantlang, Chin State, 2 junta soldiers were killed. 5 000 people from 15 villages in Pauk, Magway Region, fled their homes out of fear of military assaults following the NUG’s declaration of war. KNLA managed to take over the military base in Bago Region.


10 September

POL Fuel prices rose by between 70% and 80% in 7 months since February.

VIO Resistance fighters and the Chin National Army overran a military outpost near the border with India, killing 12 junta soldiers in the attack. Regime forces seized rice trucks heading to areas controlled by the New Mon State Party and KNU, raising concern among residents about food shortages.

11 September

CDM Singer Song Oo Hlaing performed at a concert in NYC to raise funds for the Spring Revolution. The event raised US$75 000.

VIO 15-20 villagers, including teenagers, were killed in fighting between junta troops and resistance forces in Gangaw, Magway Region. 5 soldiers were killed in fighting in Saw, Magway Region.


12 September

VIO Soldiers torched 27 houses and killed 2 people during an assault on a Magway Region village. Police station attacked and 35 police killed in Gangaw, Magway Region. Abbot, monks, and nuns were arrested after an explosion at a monastery in Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region.


13 September

POL ASSK was unable to appear at a court hearing for health reasons (dizziness).

POL INT Both the junta and the NUG launched rival bids to fill Myanmar’s seat for UNGA, which convenes next week. The UN avoided making a decision (for now) - the US and China have brokered an agreement, to keep still-serving Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun, but he will not speak during the high-level engagement. This is a compromise of China and Russia pushing for junta rep while the US is pushing for Kyaw Moe Tun. The Credentials Committee will still have to make a decision by November as the UNGA procedure requires that all decisions be made by the end of the year.

INT Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator at the UN OCHA, Ramesh Rajasingham, visited Myanmar from 13-15 September. He met with 3 junta ministers. The junta health minister rebuffed the UN official’s request for greater humanitarian access.

VIO 2 tortured bodies discovered in Gangaw, Magwe Region. Soldiers burned down 14 houses in Hnan Khar, Magway Region.


14 September

POL ASSK attended a hearing at a special court in Naypyitaw, as she was feeling better.

INT Myanmar UN representative Kyaw Moe Tun attended the closing of the 75th session and the opening of the 76th session of the UNGA; his SAC counterpart was not present.

VIO Targeted Internet shutdowns by the junta in several towns in Sagaing, Mandalay, and Magway regions.

VIO Clash in Kanpetlet, Chin State, with 10 Chinland PDF soldiers killed. Another 3 mutilated bodies were found in Gangaw, Magwe Region. 6 Dagon University students were arrested at an apartment in Kyauktada on the pretext of failing to report the required overnight guest registration.

VIO According to the NUG, a total of 1 710 junta soldiers were killed and more than 630 wounded during 1 171 shootouts and assassinations involving EAOs and PDFs over the past 3 months.


15 September

VIO The military fired artillery in the headquarters of the KIA in Kachin State. Clashes: in Chin State, Sagaing and Magwe regions on 15-16 September, with 21 junta soldiers killed; in Sagaing 5 members of the anti-junta Chaung-UPDF were killed.


16 September

ECN Myanmar’s military regime auctioned off 12 500 tons of hardwood on 16 and 30 September as it seeks to raise hard currency.

ECN The kyat fell to an all-time low this week after the country's central bank reversed exchange rate regulations imposed in August.

EXM 2 more journalists arrested by junta forces, raising the number of journalists being held by the military regime to 53.

VIO A warehouse of the military-backed Myanmar Beer bombed in Monywa, Sagaing Region. Junta raids in Myaing, Magwe Region, with 3 civilians dead; in Yangon with 1 civilian killed.


17 September

POL INT The NUG appointed a team for its representative office in South Korea that will handle bilateral relations.

POL ASSK will begin weekly court hearings for 4 out of 11 corruption charges against her on 1 October.

VIO Clashes: in Magwe and Sagaing regions; Chin and Kayah states (26 junta soldiers killed) on 17-18 September; in Tedim, northern Chin State (5 policemen killed); in Kachin State.


18 September

VIO 10 houses burnt down by security forces in Thantlang, Chin State. Clashes: in Nga Hlaing Twin, Kin Mun Chon, Kywe U, and Ber La Villages (thousands of villagers had to flee); in Yesagyo Town (10 security personnel killed); in Chin State (30 junta troops killed).

VIO 7 more Mytel Towers targeted: Kyunhla (3) and Homalin Townships (1), Sagaing Region; Ye and Bilin Townships (1), Mon State; Pathiengyi Township (1), Mandalay Region.


19 September

CDM Kachin youth gathered in downtown Myitkyina to show their opposition to MAH’s visit.

VIO The entire population (8 000 residents) of Thantlang, Chin State, fled after a day-long clash between resistance groups and the military over the weekend.

VIO 8 more Mytel Towers targeted: Ye Township, Mon State (2); Kyaukse (2) and Taungtha Townships (1), Mandalay Region; Kanbalu Township (2), Sagaing Region; Hpakant Township (1), Kachin State.


20 September

 ECN The Myanmar Foreign Ministry asked the Myanmar junta to increase security for Chinese projects in Myanmar including gas pipelines.

 ECN An agreement to conduct preliminary field investigation work for the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Deep Sea Port Project (part of BRI) was signed, signaling another step forward for the project.

VIO Firefights: in Kayah State and Sagaing Region (40 junta troops killed). The military stepped up its operations in Sagaing Region.

VIO The junta continues blocking the Internet in Kachin State and in Sagaing Region.


21 September

POL A military council court in Naypyitaw indicted ASSK for incitement under Section 505b of the Penal Code.

CDM Hundreds of people are receiving military training at a camp of the People's Revolutionary Army camp in Sagaing Region.


22 September

VIO Clash: a church and several buildings in Mindat hit by artillery shells.


23 September

POL Sean Turnell and ASSK appeared in court alongside 3 ousted Union ministers for the 1st time since their arrest.

POL INT NUG’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Department of State held a meeting and discussed the current political situations and human rights situations of Myanmar.

VIO The military cut off Internet access in 11 towns in Chin State and in Magwe Region after committing a series of violent assaults in the areas, including shelling towns and burning down villages.

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing Region (6 junta troops killed); in Shan State.


24 September

POL The SAC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on “the international community to refrain from any form of engagement with terrorist organizations and their representatives”, hinting at the NUG and Kyaw Moe Tun.

INT US President Joe Biden, Indian PM Narendra Modi, Australian PM Scott Morrison, and Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga participated in the first-ever in-person Quad Leaders’ Summit and called for an end to the violence in Myanmar in a joint statement.

VIO The military regime burned down more houses in a village in Sagaing Region.


26 September

INT BBC Burmese announced that Kyaw Moe Tun, Myanmar representative at the UN, will keep his position until September 2022.

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing Region (6 killed, launched airstrikes, and cut off access to phone and Internet connections); in Kayah, Karenni State (30 houses burned).


27 September

INT UN human rights experts urged the UNSC to declare the Myanmar military junta a “terrorist organization”.

VIO Meitei rebel fighters from India are cooperating with the military regime.

VIO Clashes: different locations in Shan State (30 military soldiers killed for 3 days).


28 September

VIO 2 anti-junta resistance groups bombed a police station in Yangon. The junta sends more than 200 reinforcements to Bago Region after the captain and some soldiers defect to KNLA.


29 September

ECN Myanmar currency dropped 60% in the last few weeks. As a consequence, the price of fuel more than doubled since the coup.

INT NUG’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Zin Mar Aung met with Swedish Minister Ann Linde in an online meeting to discuss the current political situation of Myanmar.

VIO The junta laid landmines in residential areas while conducting raids on civilian resistance forces in Kayah State. Clashes: in Sagaing and Magwe Regions, Kayah State (60 junta soldiers and 6 civilian fighters killed); in Kone Thar, Kayah State (30 soldiers killed, thousands of civilians fled homes).


30 September

ECN Myanmar currency dropped 60% in the last f

INT UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called in a report for an immediate international response to the political crisis in Myanmar, approved by 119 countries, China joining 36 countries that abstained, and Belarus voting against.

POL ECN During a press conference, military spokesperson Zaw Min Tun made a rare admission of culpability, saying the current government will have to take responsibility "for the economic crisis in Myanmar” because of the central bank’s inability to meet local demand for the dollar and the COVID-19 outbreak.