October 2021

1 October

POL Former Yangon Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein testified against ASSK in a corruption case filed by the junta.

INT The NUG sent a letter to China, commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

VIO The Kalay PDF attacked a small armed group calling themselves the “Informant Elimination Group” after multiple complaints by locals of terrorizing them through robbery, extortion, sexual assault, and extrajudicial killings.


3 October

CDM Monks in Mandalay protested to demand the immediate release of an arrested monk.

VIO Clashes: Wun Pyin and Yinmabin, in Sagaing Region (25 soldiers and 33 soldiers killed); Pongtaungponya, the border between Sagaing and Magway Regions (killed 28 soldiers).


4 October

INT ASEAN is considering not inviting the head of the junta to a summit scheduled for 26 October, due to the lack of progress on an agreed roadmap to restore peace.

INT Military spokesperson Zaw Min Tun continued to insist that ASEAN’s special envoy Erywan Yusof would not be allowed to meet with ASSK during his planned visit.

POL 12 village administrators in Katha Township, Sagaing Region, resigned after the township’s PDF warned them to quit by October 10.

VIO The Pale PDF attacked the convoy of 80 military vehicles with 27 mines, 5 military vehicles damaged.


5 October

INT The European Parliament voted to support CRPH and the NUG as the legitimate representatives of Myanmar, becoming the 1st international legislative body to officially endorse the organizations.

INT The French Senate unanimously approved a proposal to recognize NUG.

VIO 40 soldiers killed and 30 injured in a landmine attack on a military convoy heading for Magway Region. 20 homes burned by junta soldiers in 2 villages in Sagaing Region.


6 October

INT Malaysia’s Foreign Minister; his Indonesian counterpart and Brunei's second foreign minister issued a warning to the junta that Malaysia is ready to hold talks with the NUG if the junta continues to fail to cooperate with the ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar.

INT Russian banks are planning to provide banking services in Myanmar to promote bilateral trade.

POL 20 administration resignations out of fear of being attacked by PDFs in Yangon Region.

POL Military court imposes life jail sentences on 4 garment workers in Yangon on charges including high treason and links to an unlawful association.


7 October

POL Detained American journalist Danny Fenster faces in addition to a charge for incitement also an additional charge of violating the Unlawful Associations Act.

VIO Regime forces raid Brave Bar nightspot in Yangon Region, arresting about 250 people.


8 October

POL 6 more officials resigned in Sagaing, together 100 local administrators in Sagaing, Magwe, and Yangon Regions quit working for the junta in recent weeks fearing for their lives amid clashes between the military and PDF.

POL Tatmadaw veterans in Magway Region were invited by the military to return to army service; nearly 100 veterans signed up.

INT UN chief Antonio Guterres asked to postpone a virtual meeting with ASEAN ministers at the last minute to avoid signaling recognition of Myanmar's junta by being in the same online room as the military's envoy.

VIO Junta deployed 3 000 reinforcements to Upper Myanmar for clearance operations against PDFs.

VIO The junta suffered the bloodiest month with 1 562 soldiers killed.


9 October

VIO Clash: mine attack killed 20 junta soldiers in Magway Region.


10 October

INT NUG human rights minister Aung Myo Min visited Denmark and met Myanmar nationals on 9-10 October.

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing and Magwe regions and Kayah State (90 junta soldiers killed on the weekend).


11 October

POL The junta media accused 6 EAO´s of terrorism.

POL Win Myint revealed in court that the military tried to force him to resign during the coup, apparently to legitimize the takeover, but he refused.

CDM Protesters gathered in Sagaing Region and chanted slogans calling for the immediate release of ASSK and Win Myint.

INT The ASEAN Special Envoy canceled a visit to Naypyitaw, as the bloc debates stronger action against the junta.

VIO Clashes: 10 soldiers killed in Bago Region; 30 soldiers, including tactical operations commander, killed in Pale Township.


12 October

POL Family members of high-ranking military officers evacuated from Sagaing Region on military aircraft.

VIO Clash: 7 police officers killed in Magway Region.


13 October

ECN 2 Chinese-backed power plants in Yangon halted operations since July as they have become financially unsustainable.

ECN British American Tobacco ceased operations in Myanmar, becoming the latest international company to leave.

INT The EU released a statement expressing support to the ASEAN’s Special Envoy for Myanmar.

VIO The junta burned a church and 12 homes during the operations in Chin State. 1 200 villagers displaced by fighting sought refuge, but China evicted IDPs sheltering near the border in northern Shan State. The junta is accused of using human shields as it steps up its efforts to crush the Sagaing uprising.


14 October

INT Germany's Foreign Minister met with Zin Mar Aung, his counterpart in the NUG.

POL The junta stepped up efforts to switch the country’s electoral system to Proportional Representation, which would make it easier for smaller parties to win parliamentary seats and would therefore benefit the military’s proxy USDP.

POL 2 more lawyers defending ASSK prohibited from talking to the media by the SAC; 4 members of ASSK’s legal team are now under such prohibition.

CDM A 3rd secretary from the Myanmar Embassy in London joined the CDM; she is the 2nd diplomatic official of the embassy to join.


15 October

INT POL The junta turned down the ASEAN Special Envoy’s request to meet ASSK.

POL The junta also released 114 members of ethnic armed groups from prison.

VIO Chlashes: 50 junta soldiers were killed between Wednesday to Friday in Mandalay, Sagaing, Yangon Regions, and Kayah State.


16 October

INT ASEAN decided not to invite MAH to the Oct. 26-28 summit in Brunei after the bloc’s Special Envoy to Myanmar was denied permission to meet all stakeholders in Myanmar’s crisis. ASEAN will be inviting only a “non-political actor” from Myanmar (that the military can choose).


17 October

INT POL Additional charge against American journalist Danny Fenster related to his work with Myanmar Now.

INT US State Department Counselor Derek Chollet traveled to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia (from 17-22 Oct) and said Myanmar’s situation has been the main focus of the team’s meetings with ASEAN partners at each stop.


18 October

POL The junta released over 5 600 anti-coup protesters; 110 of them were rearrested on the same day and charged under the terrorism law.

CDM An anti-regime protest in Mandalay: (20 civilians injured; 10 people arrested).

ECN The Kempinski Hotel in Naypyitaw closed down, marking the latest blow to Myanmar’s decimated tourism industry.


19 October

ECN Among Myanmar’s emerging cronies with business ties to the military is Dr. Tun Min Latt of the Star Sapphire Group of Companies who brokered drones and aircraft parts for the Myanmar Air Force.

INT The junta rulers asked Telenor executives not to leave the country pending regulatory approval of the company’s deal to sell its operations there “to have discussions physically with some of the Telenor management”.

INT The UK confirmed that the Myanmar military regime was not invited in person to a meeting between ASEAN and the G7 in Liverpool in December. The question is if the junta might be attending via video call.

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (20 soldiers killed).


21 October

VIO The military regime ordered its troops to wipe out armed PDFs.

VIO After a month-long Internet blackout, the PDF in Gangaw, Magwe Region, threatened to destroy telecom masts belonging to Myanmar’s 3 main operators, MPT, Telenor, and Ooredoo if mobile services aren’t restored within 3 days.


22 October

VIO Regime forces negotiated with the KNLA to retrieve the 6 bodies of soldiers killed in fighting in Kayin State.


23 October

VIO The junta seized veteran political activist and prominent 88 Generation student leader Ko Jimmy in Yangon for his anti-regime activism (hospitalized in critical condition with a severe head injury after the arrest).


24 October

INT POL The military rulers followed their stern rebuke of ASEAN with a pledge to cooperate “as much as possible” with the 5-point consensus it agreed with ASEAN.

INT ASEAN’s Special Envoy to Myanmar Erywan Yusof officially warned by the SAC not to engage with entities labeled as terrorists, such as the NUG.

INT State media reported that a delegation led by the deputy commander of Russia's navy arrived in Myanmar, meeting with the Tatmadaw's naval chief of staff to discuss cooperation.

POL NUG appointed Bo Hla Tint as its ambassador to ASEAN.

CDM A group of young activists marched in Yangon with fire torches under the slogan "Destroy all pillars supporting the junta".

EXM The junta charged at least 6 journalists under the Counter-Terrorism Law and 5 journalists from Sagaing-based Zeyar Times, all were initially charged under section 505-A of the Penal Code this week.

VIO Clashes: in southern Shan State (10 junta soldiers killed, 1 000 residents forced to flee their homes); in Sagaing, Magwe, Ayeyarwady, Mandalay, Yangon regions, and Kayah (50 regime soldiers killed) over the weekend.


25 October

POL Pro-junta rallies were held in Naypyitaw and other towns with a strong military presence. A mix of Buddhist nationalist monks and the supporters of military-backed political parties paraded with posters declaring their support for the military regime.

INT UN Secretary-General António Guterres announced the appointment of Noeleen Heyzer of Singapore as his new Special Envoy on Myanmar.

INT NUG President Duwa Lashi La and Minister for Foreign Affairs Zin Mar Aung met with Jake Sullivan, the US President’s National Security Advisor to discuss regional and international engagement.


26 October

INT ASEAN leaders voiced disappointment at the Myanmar junta during the 1st day of their annual meeting while also expressing concerns over the situation in the member state. U.S. President Joe Biden joined Southeast Asian leaders rebuking the Myanmar junta excluded from the summit.


27 October

INT The NUG opened a Myanmar representative office in Czechia and David Červenka, director of the Human Rights and Transition Policy Department at Czechia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressed the opening ceremony in Prague.

ECN India’s largest port operator Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited said it would withdraw its investment in the military-owned Ahlone Port by June next year.

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing Region (40 junta soldiers killed; 500 residents fled their homes and the military burned down 10 houses); in Shan State (the junta forces used 19 detained civilians as human shields).


28 October

POL A spokesperson from the NUG said they formed a committee in collaboration with some armed ethnic groups called the Central Command and Coordination Committee (C3C).

VIO Regime forces detained more than 10 villagers in Shan State, and use them as human shields. The Tatmadaw’s Light Infantry Division 22 ordered regime forces in Kayin State’s Hpa-an town to shoot or kill if people try to escape or resist when making arrests for anti-dictatorship activities. Clashes: in Sagaing Region (25 more junta soldiers killed).


29 October

POL Win Htein, a senior aide to ASSK, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of high treason.

POL NUG said it formed a command structure to coordinate between civilian resistance forces and allied EAOs to fight the regime.

VIO The army troops shelled the largely deserted Chin State, causing fires that destroyed 164 of the town’s 2,000 homes.


30 October

INT Kyaw Moe Tun, the Myanmar Ambassador to the UN, delivered a speech at the 76th session of the UNGA; he requested the international community to take action against the SAC.

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (killed 15 soldiers).


31 October

POL Pro-SAC rallies were held in Ayeyarwaddy Region, in Bago Region, and in Mandalay City.

POL The NUG's Human Rights Ministry called for resistance groups to avoid using violence against civilians "especially children".

VIO Clashes: in Magwe and Sagaing regions and Chin, Shan, and Kayah states (10 civilians) over the past 5 days.