May 2021

1 May

ECN The military to 'normalize' post-coup economy: partially eased restrictions on Internet access and presented a plan to drop charges against prosecuted civil servants.


2 May

VIO Several bomb blasts in Kyauk Myaung, Tharkayta, Thingangyun, South Okkalapa, South Dagon, and North Dagon.


3 May

POL The CRPH appointed the Minister of Human Rights, the Minister of Labour, and 4 deputy ministers.

EXM Japanese journalist Yuki Kitazumi was indicted on a “fake news” charge, facing a jail term of up to 3 years.

INT The US urged ASEAN to press Myanmar to implement actions agreed at the regional summit.

INT The Manipur High Court allowed 7 Myanmar citizens to seek UNHCR protection.

VIO An NLD MP, 3 CDM policemen, and a villager were killed by a parcel bomb in Pyay.

VIO KIA attacked a police station in Kachin; Police Chief was killed and others injured.

VIO The military continued with lethal air attacks on villages in Kachin after a military helicopter was shot down by KIA.


4 May

EXM A nationwide ban on satellite television, fine, or 1 year of prison for disregarding.

ECN The military received hundreds of millions of dollars from gas sales through a financial scheme linked to a pipeline exploited by French Total.

VIO Several bomb blasts in different locations – government offices in Magway, college in Mawlamyine, and military-run hospital in Yangon.


5 May

POL The Chief Minister of Sagaing charged under the Anti-Corruption Law.

POL The NUG set up the People’s Defence Force (PDF) as a precursor to the Federal Democratic Armed Forces. Ordinary civilians all around the country began forming local PDF groups.

EXM The military abolished additional 3 media outlets – Myitkyina Journal; The 74 Media, and Tachileik News Agency, totaling up to 8 abolished media outlets.

INT The NUG Foreign Minister met with 36 MPs from Europe and Australia.

VIO Security personnel guarding the Chinese-invested pipeline deadly attacked.


6 May

POL ASSK was charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act at the Yangon court while facing 5 charges at the Naypyitaw court. The next hearing is scheduled for 20 May.

INT G7 countries commit to tough, further measures on Myanmar if the military refuses to change course.


7 May

VIO 16 military troops killed and several wounded during shootouts with civilian resistance forces in Sagaing Region. Protesters are using more sophisticated weapons against the military than in the beginning.


8 May

ECN The junta-controlled Investment Commission approved 15 projects, including a Chinese $2.5-billion natural gas power project, the biggest investment since the coup.

VIO The military suspended 1 683 striking teaching and administrative staff from 15 universities.

VIO ANC, the Rakhine nationalist group, joined the KNU in the fight against the military.


9 May

EXM Detained democracy activist Ko Mya Aye faces hate speech charges.


10 May

POL ASSK was tried in person at a special court in Naypyitaw.

POL Myanmar's foreign exchange hit a record low of 1 660 kyats on the dollar.

INT According to Thai authorities, 2 200 Myanmar people who crossed the Salween river were offered shelter in the safe zone with strict health and safety measures.

VIO Fighting between Border Guard Forces and KNU in Karen State, 11 BGF soldiers were killed. 7 000 villagers in hiding.


11 May

POL CDM Protests around Myanmar marking 100 days of the coup.

POL INT 3 reporters (from DVB) and 2 activists arrested in Thailand for illegal entry and face possible deportation. DVB appealed to the UNHCR for help.


12 May

VIO A standoff between the military and the local PDF in Mandalay Region ended with locals besieged, 30 people arrested.

ECN The military opened job announcements for educators to replace striking staff.

POL INT An exodus of international organizations: Coca-Cola, the World Bank, and McKinsey.


13 May

POL The junta put Mindat Township in Chin State under martial law.

POL The military arrested 2 former NLD MPs from Rakhine State.

VIO 15 villages emptied following the fierce fighting between the KIA and the military.

VIO The military detained between 50 and 100 civilians in a raid in Mandalay Region.


14 May

INT Japanese journalist Yuki Kitazumi returned to Tokyo after charges against him dropped as a diplomatic gesture.

POL NLD member U Win Htein and former captain in the Myanmar military to be tried on sedition charges with a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years.

VIO The military raided civilian resistance fighters' camps in Chaung-U, Sagaing Region, and seized homemade firearms, air guns, and homemade bombs.


15 May

VIO Despite the martial law in Chin State, the fighting continued; the Chinland Defense Force seized 6 military trucks.

INT The UN Special Envoy on Myanmar met with the Thai Prime Minister to discuss the violent turmoil in Myanmar. Prayut promised not to force back fleeing people.

ECN Japan to provide $4 million through the World Food Programme for food assistance in Myanmar.


17 May

INT The US announced sanctions against the SAC as an entity and 16 individuals, including 3 adult children of junta officials.

INT Canada also sanctioned 16 individuals and 10 entities, including many of the same officials sanctioned by the US along with some military-linked companies.

INT  The UK sanctioned gemstone companies linked to the military.

INT ANFREL released its final 2020 election observation mission report: “The results of the 2020 general elections were representative of the will of the people.”

INT 400 Myanmar CSOs sent an open letter to the Australian Foreign Minister; the decision not to impose sanctions is disappointing and emboldens the military.


18 May

VIO The military cut off the drinking water supply to Mindat, Chin State, and attacked those who tried to get the drinking water.

VIO KIA attacked in Shan State 7 junta trucks carrying petrol from the Chinese border.


19 May

POL 50 activists and NLD MPs in Ayeyarwady Region were initially charged with violating the Penal Code, charged also with high treason.


20 May

POL Senior leaders of the People Party resigned as Chair Ko Ko Gyi decided to join the coordination meeting with the junta-appointed UEC and parties on 21 May.

POL The supreme court took over the Official Secrets Act case against ASSK, Sean Turnell, and 3 former cabinet members.

POL The military removed the age limit for positions of Senior and Vice-Senior General.


21 May

POL The military-appointed Thein Soe as the new Chair of the UEC.

POL The junta started recruiting adult jobless children of soldiers and retired officers.

POL 49 political parties joined the military-appointed UEC meeting in Naypyitaw.


22 May

POL The NLD Secretary of Yangon Region was arrested at his home.

CDM 12 police officers in Chin State joined the CDM.

CDM 125 900 school teachers suspended for joining a CDM in their school boycott.

VIO 6 junta trucks destroyed in fighting in Sagaing Region.


23 May

VIO 40 military troops killed in Kayah State during fierce clashes by the Karenni PDF and the Karenni Army.

VIO 20 police officers were killed and PDF seized a police station in Shan State.


24 May

EXM The military arrested Frontier Myanmar editor Danny Fenster at the airport and transferred him to Insein Prison. Altogether, 70 journalists were detained.

POL ASSK’s first in-person appearance at a special court in Naypyitaw, also her first meeting with her legal team.

ECN MAH reassured Beijing that his regime will protect foreign-funded enterprises.

INT Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek held virtual talks with NUG’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Zin Mar Aung. This makes Kulhanek one of the few foreign ministers who has publicly disclosed conversations with the NUG.


25 May

POL ASSK moved to an unknown location, kept in isolation.

EXM The military whitelisted 1 200 online services, excluding Facebook and Twitter to curb anti-coup protests.

INT Transparency International recommended the European Commission impose sanctions on MOGE.

VIO 20 police officers were killed and PDF seized a police station in Shan State.

VIO Military airstrikes displaced 90% of the rural population of Mutraw, Karen State.

VIO Fighting between the KIA and the military intensified again in Kachin State.


26 May

CDM 90 % of students refused to enroll in Myanmar’s education system under the coup regime.

VIO A veteran pro-democracy activist, who is the younger brother of the Chief of Police, died tortured in custody in Bago Region.

ECN Total promises to suspend cash payments linked to the Yadana gas pipeline, which Total operates through a joint venture with MOGE.

VIO The Karenni PDF opened a new front against the junta.


27 May

POL EXM AAPP shared a list of 4331 people in detention since 1 February.

ECN Total and Chevron suspended some payments from a gas joint venture that would otherwise reach the military.

INT Myanmar was excluded from the WHO annual meeting due to not knowing who to recognize as Myanmar's legitimate representative following the coup.

INT Thai authorities seized 27 guns and ammunition bound for Myanmar.

INT The Japan Immigration Agency lets Myanmar students stay even after their visas expire.

VIO The number of IDPs in the Sagaing Region reached 20 000 due to military raids.


28 May

POL The military sentenced 28 people to 20 years in jail for arson attacks on 2 Chinese-backed factories in Yangon.

POL INT The NUG and the Japan Parliamentary Group Supporting Democracy in Myanmar released a joint statement to cooperate in the future and agreed on 9 points.

INT EXM The US pressed the military for the immediate release of Danny Fenster.

POL A Myanmar military tribunal sentenced 28 people to 20 years in jail with hard labor for arson attacks on two Chinese factories.


30 May

POL INT NUG affirmed cooperation with the International Court of Justice in the case of the Rohingya people. Rakhine parties condemned the NUG for this.

POL The NUG launched its official website:


31 May

POL CNF allied with the NUG, becoming the first EAO to take sides with the country’s shadow government formed to topple the military regime.

VIO At least 80 junta soldiers were killed during shootouts between military troops and Karenni civilian resistance fighters in Demoso.

VIO The military used artillery and helicopters against civilians in Kayah state; 37 000 people displaced in southeast Myanmar in recent weeks.