March 2021

1 March

POL ASSK and Win Myint made a court appearance via video for the first time and were charged with 2 more offenses.

POL The CRPH declared the military (Tatmadaw) a terrorist group.

POL The CRPH requested the former ambassador to the UN Kyaw Moe Htun to continue.

POL MNDAA, TNLA, and AA announced a unilateral 1-month extension of their ceasefires until the end of March.


2 March

POL The CRPH appointed 4 acting Union Ministers to oversee 9 ministries.

POL The military replaced the Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the UN Kyaw Moe Tun with Tin Maung Naing, who resigned the next day and said Kyaw Moe Tun would continue to represent the country.

INT ASEAN held an informal meeting with military representatives attending. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore called for the release of ASSK.


3 March

VIO 38 people killed by security forces, making it the bloodiest crackdown yet.

VIO Kyal Sin (19), of Burmese-Chinese descent, died after she was shot in Mandalay wearing a T-shirt "Everything will be OK", which quickly became a symbol.


4 March

POL The NLD and the ethnic political parties that won seats in the 2020 elections rejected the junta-appointed UEC’s proposal for a PR electoral system.

POL The SAC threatened to take action against those interacting with the CRPH.

CDM 600 police officers joined the CDM.


5 March

EXM YouTube removed 5 channels of military-runTV networks hosted on its platform.

INT The US ambassador to Myanmar urged the military’s second-in-command to stop all violence.

INT The EU suspended all development projects in Myanmar.

POL The CRPH released a statement outlining its 4 objectives: end of military rule; freeing of political detainees; return to democracy, and establishing a new Constitution based on the federal system.


6 March

POL The junta-appointed UEC announced that it inspected the ballot papers used in Tamwe and found 10 000 missing ballots and 5 000 extra ballots.

POL The military filed the first corruption charges against the ousted Minister of Religious Affairs U Thura Aung Ko.

INT The military asked India to return the police officers who crossed the border.


7 March

POL The junta-appointed UEC announced that it had inspected the ballot papers used in Meiktila and found 12 000 missing ballots and 1 000 extra ballots.

CDM Trade unions called for a nationwide work stoppage and support to the CDM.

INT Australia suspended military cooperation with Myanmar.

VIO A ward chairman for the NLD in Yangon died after being taken from the home during a night raid.


8 March

EXM The military banned independent media: DVB, 7Day News, Mizzima, Myanmar Now, and Khit Thit Media. Soldiers raided Myanmar Now’s office in Yangon, seizing computers (the first media outlet to be raided).

INT The President of the UNSC condemned the violence against peaceful protesters (the first use of the word "condemn" by the council in response to the situation).

POL The military accused Sean Turnell of trying to flee the country with secret financial information.

VIO Security forces established bases in local hospitals, universities, and schools.


9 March

EXM Security forces raided Kamaryut Media and Mizzima’s offices in Yangon and made arrests.

INT The EU Military Staff Director urged Myanmar to immediately stop all violence.

INT Myanmar recalled the ambassador in the UK after he called for the release of ASSK.

VIO NLD’s Zaw Myat Linn the second party figure died in detention.


10 March

POL Israeli-Canadian lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe was hired by the junta.

VIO Police surrounded and arrested 200 students and civilians protesting in Yangon; driving them away in unmarked trucks.


11 March

POL ASSK facing new charges of taking bribes in the amount of $1,3 mil.

POL SAC held its first press conference – here are the main points.


12 March

POL The 10 NCA signatories met to discuss how to prevent further bloodshed.

INT South Korea to suspend defense exchanges and ban arms exports to Myanmar.

INT Russia expressed concern over the mounting violence and was “analyzing” whether to suspend military-technical cooperation.

INT Leaders of the Quad Alliance emphasized in a statement the urgent need to restore democracy in Myanmar.

CDM Protests erupted after social media called to mark the death anniversary of Phone Maw (killed in 1988 at the Rangoon Institute of Technology).

EXM The 6 reporters arrested while covering anti-coup protests made their first appearance in court.


14 March

VIO A brutal crackdown on protests with 74 people killed and 100 arrested.

VIO Chinese factories were set on fire in Hlaing Tharyar and Shwepyithar townships in Yangon.

VIO The SAC declared martial law in Hlaing Tharyar and Shwepyithar townships following a violent crackdown in one of the deadliest days since the coup.


15 March

POL Martial law was imposed on South Dagon, North Dagon, Dagon Seikkan, and North Okkalapa townships in Yangon and parts of Mandalay.

POL The court adjourned ASSK’s hearing to 24 March over Internet issues.

INT The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar made a statement calling on the people of Myanmar to avoid undermining “China-Myanmar friendship and cooperation”.

EXM The military imposed a 24-hour shutdown of mobile Internet service.


16 March

CDM Mass funerals were held across Yangon, with hundreds gathering to say goodbye to those killed after the bloodiest day since the coup.

POL Dr. Sasa was charged with high treason for accepting an appointment as Myanmar’s representative to the UN by the CRPH.


17 March

POL The CRPH decriminalized all EAOs and declared the Tatmadaw a terrorist organization.

POL The military launched a second corruption probe against ASSK, accusing her of accepting more than $500 000 from a local businessman.

POL The military released all election sub-commission members and made them sign a statement confirming electoral fraud in their townships.

POL The military is increasing pressure on private banks to reopen by threatening the forced transfer of private deposit accounts to military-controlled banks.

EXM The Standard Time suspended operations; Myanmar lost the last independent media and was labeled a nation without newspapers.


18 March

EXM Myanmar’s military regime accused a third person of high treason, CPRH-appointed Vice-President Mahn Win Khaing Than.

POL INT MAH joined a virtual ASEAN meeting.

INT The UN team of investigators of Myanmar called on the people to collect and preserve documentary evidence of crimes by the military.

VIO NLD’s Information Team member Kyi Toe was arrested by the military.


19 March

INT The US Ambassadors to Myanmar called on the military to cease all violence.

INT Pope Francis appealed for an end to bloodshed in Myanmar.

INT 4 Myanmar diplomats in France, Italy, and Japan announced they will no longer work for the military regime.

EXM BBC journalist Aung Thura was detained by men in plain clothing while reporting outside a court in Naypyitaw.

VIO 2 Australian business consultants were kept under house arrest after attempting to leave Myanmar.


20 March

POL CRPH MPs said efforts to reach a deal with other stakeholders on establishing a federal union are making good progress.

VIO 1000 people fled violence into India’s Mizoram State since the coup.

VIO At least 2 EAOs in Myanmar’s borderlands sheltering politicians, activists, journalists, and civil servants who fled.


22 March

INT  The EU imposed sanctions (first round) on 11 individuals linked to the coup.

INT The US Treasury sanctioned 2 individuals and 2 entities connected to the military.

EXM The BBC Burmese journalist was released after being deprived of sleep for 3 nights.


23 March

POL Sean Turnell under investigation for violating the Immigration and Official Secrets Acts.

POL AA joined other EAOs in condemning the coup.

POL INT The military informed INTERPOL to arrest members of the CRPH.

ECN  The Central Bank of Myanmar notified banks that fail to reopen would be hit with penalties from 2 million to 30 million kyats per week.

CDM The military dismissed 56 staff from the Foreign Ministry who supported the CDM.

VIO A 7-year-old girl was killed in Mandalay.


24 March

POL The military freed 628 coup detainees.

POL ASSK’s video court appearance was deferred to 1 April due to the Internet shutdown.

INT China and Russia expressed “deep concern” about the situation.

CDM People held a nationwide “silent strike”. The junta detained 100 staff from major shopping chains for participating in the silent strike.

VIO KNU blocked food delivery from Thailand for the military in Karen State.

VIO Bank employees were ordered to go back to work, otherwise, they would end up on a blacklist of striking employees.


25 March

VIO Fighting between the military and KIA escalated; KIA seized 10 military bases.

INT The UK announced sanctions against MEHL.

INT The US sanctioned MEC and MEHL.


26 March

POL The junta freed 322 detainees.

CDM The Myanmar CDM was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

INT Russia’s Deputy Defence Minister met MAH in Naypyitaw, seeking to strengthen ties with the military.

INT Thailand marked the CRPH's ambassador to the UN Kyaw Moe Tun and 5 others for arrest and handover to the junta.


27 March

VIO The military launched its first aerial attacks on KNU areas in 20 years, and displaced 20 000 villagers, and killed 22 civilians.

VIO 114 civilians were killed in 44 towns across Myanmar in one day, making it the bloodiest day since the coup.

INT China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand sent representatives to the Armed Forces Day parade in Naypyitaw.


28 March

INT Top chiefs of defense from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, and the US condemned violence by the military.

VIO The military opened fire in the Asia Royal Hospital in Yangon, and at a funeral, as people gathered to mourn the 114 people killed the previous day.


29 March

INT Thailand denied forcing back 2 000 refugees who fled airstrikes.

ECN The US suspended all trade with Myanmar.

INT Russia said it was deeply concerned by the rising number of civilian deaths.


30 March

INT Indian border state withdrew order barring shelter for those fleeing Myanmar.

VIO U Kyaw Kyaw, a third NLD member died in detention.

VIO 10 000 villagers in Magway Region fled their homes, seeking refuge from the military in the forests.

CDM Protesters threw garbage on the streets to express their opposition to the coup.


31 March

POL ASSK met her lawyer for the first time since her detention.

POL The CPRH abolished the 2008 Constitution and replaced it with the Federal Democracy Charter, a 22-page interim constitution envisioning a federal future.

ECN The US Secretary of State called on international companies to cut ties to military-supported enterprises.