June 2021

1 June

EXM DVB and Mizzima reporters were sentenced to 2 years in prison.

INT A Thai court sentenced 3 Myanmar journalists from DVB and their 2 associates to 7 months imprisonment for entering Thailand illegally.

INT 40 French MPs urged the country’s administration to declare support for the NUG and to increase pressure on Total.

VIO 5 civilians accused of being military informants from two villages in Gangaw, Magway region found dead.

VIO The military bombed villages in Katha, Sagaing Region, a day after the Katha PDF ambushed a convoy of junta soldiers.

VIO The military shot at Buddhist monks from Ma Soe Yein Monastery who recited religious verses in protest against the military.

VIO The military invaded a refugee camp in Putao and threatened unarmed refugees with the suspicion that KIA intelligence was stationed at the camp.


3 June

POL The military ordered the cancellation of CDM doctors’ passports and their medical licenses.

POL ASSK’s hearing for the Official Secrets Act in Yangon adjourned to 17 June.

POL The military recalled retired soldiers and recruited civilians amid escalating conflict with KIA in Putao.

POL MAH met ultranationalist Ma Ba Tha Buddhist monk in Hpa-an.

CDM Children in Rakhine State attend school, ignoring Myanmar’s school boycott.


4 June

POL The NUG released a statement recognizing Rohingya’s rights to citizenship and suggested repealing the country’s 1982 Citizenship Law.

INT ASEAN envoys held talks with MAH; he reiterated he would only allow fresh elections once the coup-stricken country had returned to "normal."


5 June

POL The NUG appointed 3 new ministers of Justice; Communication, Information & Technology; and Electricity & Energy.

POL INT MAH met with the Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Chen Hai in Naypyitaw. China supports the consensus reached by the ASEAN on 24 April.


6 June

INT From 6 to 8 June, a special China-ASEAN summit was held in Chongqing on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of relations between Beijing and the regional bloc. Myanmar co-chaired these meetings with China and was attended by Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin, appointed by the military junta.

POL 222 heads of middle and private schools from Magway removed from duties.

VIO Fierce fighting between the military and the Chinland's Defense Force of Mindat with 50 military troops and 3 civilian fighters killed.


7 June

POL PDFs formed in Monywa, and Chaung-U, Sagaing Region.

POL The NUG will classify all organizations supporting the military as terrorists.

POL ASSK asked civilians to donate money to cover her legal fees and basic living expenses; she is under house arrest refuses the assistance provided by the SAC.

POL The junta judge overseeing ASSK’s trial to complete the hearing of the 5 cases against her within 180 days, and proceedings in the first criminal case are set to finish on 28 June. The hearings would take place every Monday and Tuesday.

INT ASEAN ministers pressure Myanmar after 'painfully slow' progress.


8 June

EXM CDM 5 people arrested, including a prominent political activist, a well-renowned poet, and former NLD-appointed Chief Minister of Magway Region.

POL In Sagaing Region, 555 education civil servants were removed from their duties.


9 June

POL ASSK was hit with fresh corruption charges, misuse of land for a charity foundation, taking her number of alleged offenses to 7.

INT A military delegation from Myanmar went to Russia to get acquainted with the production of the Pantsir systems (anti-aircraft artillery systems).

VIO 400 soldiers arrived in Demoso; armed conflict is likely to escalate.


11 June

VIO EXM Pro-junta Pyu Saw Htee groups formed across Myanmar (with support from the military) to wage a campaign of violence and disinformation.

VIO The military destroyed supplies of rice and medicine intended for over 3 000 IDPs in Pekon, Shan State, who were forced to flee their homes after intense fighting.

VIO A bomb exploded at a Chinese-backed clothing factory in Ayeyarwady Region.


12 June

INT Worldwide solidarity events in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Japan, etc.

INT MAH and his Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin met Chinese ambassador Chen Hai, sparking controversy when the Chinese embassy's FB statement identified MAH as the "Leader of Myanmar".

CDM Striking military officers urged the public to welcome and protect military personnel who join the CDM.

POL VIO Myanmar junta accuses ethnic armies of bombings and of killing 25 workers.


13 June

POL The former Head of Myanmar’s COVID-19 immunization program was arrested and the other 26 doctors face charges of high treason.

INT The G7 leaders strongly condemned the military coup.

INT Chinese state-run Global Times referred for the first time to MAH as the “Myanmar leader”.


14 June

POL The military wrote to political parties and lawmakers warning against their involvement with the NUG.

POL Indian arms company supplied military technology for coastal surveillance to the coup regime.

POL The military gave cash to families of assassinated Yangon administrators working for the regime. 30 administrators were killed between March and early June. Several ward administrators have resigned in the wake of the killings.

POL The first of ASSK's 3 trials got underway in Naypyitaw.

VIO The military gave basic arms training to youths in Mandalay who were close to them.


15 June

EXM American editor Nathan Maung of Kamayut Media was deported after 3 months in detention. The military beat him and kept him blindfolded for more than a week of interrogation.

ECN The military to reopen the Russian-backed steel plant in Shan State closed 4 years ago, a project of MEC and a Russian state-owned company.

INT Myanmar's ambassador to the UN called for effective collective measures against the junta, ahead of expected UNSC talks on the situation.

VIO The military went on a rampage in dozens of villages in the Sagaing Region after clashes with local resistance fighters.


16 June

ECN The Confederation of Trade Unions took steps to file a class-action lawsuit against the junta to compensate over 70 000 government workers dismissed by the military junta.

INT Thai representatives met with 8 Myanmar EAOs that joined in the NCA in order to settle the situation in Myanmar peacefully.


17 June

POL AA released 17 police and immigration officers in a sign of warming relations between the AA and the military.

POL The spokesman for the NUG U Zaw Htay was released from military custody after more than 4 months of detention.

ECN South Korea provided $ 900 000 to an UN-led humanitarian aid initiative for Myanmar.


18 June

INT The UNGA adopted a (non-binding) resolution by a vote of 119 countries denouncing the Myanmar military. 36 countries abstained (Thailand, China, Russia) and 1 voted against (Belarus). It was only the 4th time since the end of the Cold War that the UNGA had passed a resolution condemning a military coup, and was a rare occasion in which the body also called for an arms embargo.

VIO The military trying to force striking school staff in Tanintharyi Region to return to work, after the reopening of public schools on 1 June flopped due to a lack of teachers.

VIO A military truck with soldiers blown up in Yangon.

POL AA released another 6 military personnel it captured in clashes with the military (signaling closer ties between the ethnic armed group and the military).

POL The military formed a new Ministry of Cooperatives and Development of Rural Areas, it also reformed the ministry of education and established a new ministry for science and technology.


19 June

CDM ASSK celebrating her 76th birthday under military detention. There were flower protests as well as solidarity events abroad for this occasion.

INT From 13 to 19 June, a 20-member Russian delegation made a secret visit to Myanmar, the delegation included also an arms exporter.


20 June

INT Regime slammed UNGA Resolution calling for an arms trade ban.

EXM International Press Freedom Award 2021 granted to Aye Chan Naing, the Chief Editor of the DVB.

POL INT MAH flew out of the country to attend a conference in Moscow, his 2nd trip abroad since the coup.

POL In Mindat Township, which is still under martial law, local defense forces and the military signed a 14-day ceasefire from 20 June to 4 July.


21 June

POL INT The secretary of Russia's Security Council and MAH committed to further strengthening security ties between the countries at the Moscow meeting.

POL INT MAH attended the Moscow Conference on International Security, where he got to look at more deadly toys. The military is hoping to get its hands on the military tech of Rosoboronexport, a state-run arms export firm that has been under US sanctions since 2015 for selling weapons to Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

INT The UK adds 3 entities to its sanctions list: Myanmar Timber Enterprise, Myanmar Pearl Enterprise, and the SAC.

INT The EU imposed sanctions (third round) on 8 individuals (including attorney general Thida Oo, deputy defense minister Major-General Aung Lin Tun, and deputy information minister Brigadier-General Zaw Min Tun, none of whom are facing other sanctions), and 3 economic entities (MTE, Myanmar Gems Enterprise, and another state-backed timber company, which means there is "no legal source for timber to be imported from Myanmar into the EU"). The EU is also the 1st to sanction the Myanmar War Veterans Organization, which it said serves "as a reserve force of the Tatmadaw".

POL The military locked down the China-backed Shwe Kokko new city project in Karen State, following a spike in COVID-19 infections.


22 June

INT Norwegian pension fund KLP divested from Adani Ports over links to the Myanmar military.

POL INT MAH lauded Russia as Myanmar’s “friend forever” while stating that the US is “not very intimate” compared with neighboring China and India due to its “far distance”, in an interview with Russian media.

VIO Mandalay PDF (formed by civilians) declared war on the military. Fighting broke out in Chan Mya Tharzi Township, with casualties on both sides, the 1st such clashes to take place in the city.

VIO 30 military troops killed in Sagaing.

VIO KIA attacked the regime's armed forces in Hpakant.


23 June

POL INT MAH spoke at the international security conference in Moscow, declaring his regime is “simply trying to bring honesty back to democracy since the previous government won last year’s election by rigging the vote”

ECN A massive auction of illegal timber on 23 and 24 June for the junta to line its pockets and fund the coup.

VIO A military informant in Yangon, who owned a tea shop and used it as a meeting place for the ultranationalist group Ma Ba Tha, was shot dead.

VIO The military raided the home village of prominent anti-coup activist Dr. Tayzar San (who led demonstrations in Mandalay), detaining villagers and destroying their property.


24 June

POL The military organized a new legal team to present the defense in the Rohingya genocide case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, previously led by ASSK.

ECN MAH visited the Kamaz automobile plant, which produces military-use vehicles. Most of the trucks used at the Russian Armed Forces were manufactured by this company.

VIO 15 military troops killed in Sagaing.


25 June

POL According to Dr. Sasa, the NUG has collected over 400 000 pieces of evidence of human rights violation, ready to be used in front of the ICC.

POL According to NUG Deputy Foreign Minister U Moe Zaw Oo, the NUG preparing to sign the Rome Statute to sue the SAC at the ICC.

POL MAH visited in Kazan city the Zelenodolsk plant, a ship manufacturing facility that builds military vessels.

INT The Belarus honorary consul to Myanmar, Aung Moe Myint, paid a visit to Minsk for talks with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolai Borisevich, where they discussed “ways of expanding and intensifying bilateral cooperation in various areas”.


26 June

ECN The military sold metal worth at least US$51 million as it seeks to raise hard currency to fund its coup.

ECN MAH toured the factory of Kazan Helicopters, one of the largest military helicopter manufacturers in the world. They export to more than 100 countries, including Myanmar.

VIO A tanker ship carrying aviation fuel (which can be used for military and commercial aircraft) arrived in Yangon after departing from Singapore’s Jurong Island on 23 June.


27 June

VIO Military vehicles were ambushed and 9 military soldiers were killed during a shootout with the Kale PDF.

VIO Junta trucks entered and searched a village in Bago Region, entered the house of the village NLD leader, and said they found improvised explosives, 6 villagers were arrested.


28 June

INT Ex-Japanese minister’s firm partnered with the military-linked company.

VIO Only 5-year-old Su Htet Wine was detained at her home along with her 44-year-old mother and 17-year-old sister, taken as hostages by the military who were unable to track down her father, a local teacher and protest leader in the village.

VIO The military sentenced 16 Yangon residents to death over the murder of an alleged informant.


29 June

CDM TNLA banned the sale of goods from military companies in its territory (Northern Shan State).

POL The Rohingya Solidarity Organization released a statement calling for Rohingya youths to prepare for an armed uprising against the SAC soon.

POL The military dropped charges against 24 celebrities who had been declared wanted under an anti-incitement law after anti-government comments.

POL Head of Myanmar EAO’s Peace Process Steering Team General Yawd Serk stepped down.

INT UK held an informal meeting of the UN Security Council on the "Arria formula", dedicated to the situation in Myanmar.

VIO 40 junta soldiers killed by the Chinland Defense Force during fierce clashes in Chin State.


30 June

EXM 6 journalists were freed after more than 120 days in detention for covering anti-coup protests in Yangon.

EXM The military threatened foreign media with lawsuits for calling it ‘junta’.

POL EXM Deputy Minister of Information announced the release of 2 342 political prisoners, who took part in protests but not in leading roles, among them at least 14 journalists, and also 5-year-old Su Htet Wyne (detained on 28 June).

POL 20 top gem industry figures attended a meeting hosted by the Myanmar Gems Enterprise to discuss securing new technology and foreign investment for the sector.

VIO The military detained and charged 3 Christian pastors from Kachin State who organized prayer for peace in Myanmar.