July 2021

1 July

INT 150 members of the French Senate signed a petition calling on France to recognize the NUG.

INT Switzerland sanctioned 8 Tatmadaw figures.

POL 230 education civil servants from Kayah State were removed from their duties.


2 July

INT The US imposed sanctions on 22 people linked to the military, including the coup leader’s wife, the junta's social welfare minister Thet Thet Khine, who once billed herself as a democratic alternative to the NLD, and foreign investment minister Aung Naing Oo, who played an important role in implementing economic reforms under both the Thein Sein and ASSK governments, and added 3 Chinese mining companies working on the Letpadaung mine and one telecommunications firm to its trade blacklist for supporting the regime.

ECN The military invited bids for 12 solar power projects to raise foreign currency, with Thai and Chinese companies planning to make bids.

VIO The military forces killed 30 people in Depayin, Sagaing Region since raids in the area began.

VIO The military detained the 7-year-old son of the former head of the country’s COVID-19 vaccination program.

VIO 4 civilians tortured to death in military custody.


3 July

CDM Protesters burned MAH's images on his birthday.

POL INT The Tatmadaw information team stated that the legal team led by lawyer Christopher Staker will continue to defend Myanmar at the ICJ.

ECN China is making contingency plans to deploy troops to the border to protect (1) individuals privately investing mostly in Mandalay and northern Myanmar, (2) corporations investing in industrial estates and farming land, and (3) state-level investment in long-term developmental projects.

INT China's foreign minister Wang Yi criticized sanctions as "inappropriate intervention". Wang's Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, made similar comments. Moreover, Lavrov said Russia supports ASEAN in resolving the Myanmar crisis.


4 July

POL VIO “Mango” PDF (Thayet) formed in Thayet, Magway Region.


5 July

EXM Today was the deadline for telecom companies to fully implement intercept technology to let authorities spy on calls, messages, and web traffic and to track users.

INT The British-government-funded project Myanmar Witness is willing to share information with the UN Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar, which is probing suspected international crimes.

VIO The military returned to its tactic ‘four cuts’ to stamp out resistance to its rule, previously used against the Karen in the 1960s and the Rohingya in 2017.

VIO 20 military personnel and 2 members of the PDF were killed in a clash in Kawlin Township, Sagaing Region.


6 July

VIO The military detained a 12-year-old boy along with 6 others after resistance fighters clashed with the military.

INT During the 47th session of the Human Rights Council stressed that the (1) NUG and other CSOs be involved in the political process; (2) addressed the need for safe repatriation for the Rohingya; (3) showed concern over the ceasefire in Rakhine; (4) encouraged the SAC to implement ASEAN’s 5-point consensus; (5) recommended ASEAN to closely monitor its implementation; and (6) called to prevent arms sales to Myanmar.


7 July

POL 405 CSOs (collectively calling themselves Myanmar Spring) publicly criticized the CRPH for effectively following the 2008 Constitution and lack of discussion with non-NLD forces.

INT International brands abandon Myanmar’s devastated economy: US pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s, Chinese hot pot chain Little Sheep, and Taiwanese bubble tea franchise KOI Thé.

POL ASSK’s personal aide U Zaw Naing Win, ex Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was sentenced to 7 years in jail.

CDM Protesters hit the streets across Myanmar to mark the anniversary of 1962 student protests against the country’s 1st junta.

INT UN human rights expert urges sanctions on Myanmar's oil and gas sectors.


8 July

ECN Telenor sold its Myanmar business to the regime-linked Lebanese M1 Group, added to the Burma Campaign UK’s Dirty List in 2019, for just US$105 million (before the coup valued at several billion dollars) due to the junta’s recent demand to install software that would give security forces real-time access to users’ phone calls, SMS and data traffic (like state-owned MPT and military-linked Mytel are already doing).


9 July

POL The UEC announced it finished its audit of the 2020 elections and claimed that 11 305 290 illegal votes had been cast.


10 July

POL The NUG Ministry of Electricity and Energy announced tax exemption on oil and petroleum products until further notice to cut SAC revenues.


11 Jul

POL MAH has not appeared in public for 2 weeks since he returned from Russia on 27 June.

POL The newly formed Shan State Front for Federal appealed on unity in Shan State where 2 major armed groups - the Shan State Progressive Party and the Restoration Council of Shan State - are in conflict over a territorial dispute (since 2016, intensified after the coup with the military busy in Yangon) instead of targeting the military.


12 July

POL Order-letter issued to administrators in Yangon requiring late-night household inspections to enforce the rule (announced on 10 February) requiring households to register overnight guests, which has gone unenforced since attacks on local administrators began in May.

INT The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gave a press conference, calling out 6 countries guilty of genocide including Myanmar - against the Rohingya in 2016-2017. With regards to the current political situation, Blinken called for an end of violence.

VIO The Karenni Army (KA) fought an all-day battle with the military across several locations in Kayah State; the clashes followed an informal ceasefire agreed by both sides last month.

VIO In Kani, Sagaing Region, residents made the discovery of 15 bodies in the woods, accusing the military of massacring civilians. Many of the bodies were blindfolded, tied up, and bore signs of torture.


13 July

POL ASSK faces a potential prison sentence of 75 years for a total of 10 cases after the military filed 4 new corruption charges in Mandalay in its effort to ensure that she stays behind bars.

VIO The wife (44) and daughter (17) of an anti-regime protest leader in Mogok, Mandalay Region, detained together with 5-year-old Su Hteh Wyne on 28 June, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for incitement.

VIO The military restricted oxygen supplies to COVID-19 patients. MAH denied that there was any oxygen shortage at all, while many people queue for hours to buy private supplies to treat their relatives at home. Oxygen cylinder prices increased from 130 000 to 250 000 kyats; they are passed on from one home patient to another.

VIO Civilians were injured in the Hpakant battle between KIA and the military, villagers in the area fled amid heavy shelling by the military.


14 July

INT Via virtual meeting with ASEAN, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged his Southeast Asian counterparts to press for an end to the violence in Myanmar.

INT UN Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews called for international help to prevent the further exponential increase of COVID-19 cases and the collapse of the healthcare system in Myanmar.

POL INT Israeli-Canadian lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe, hired by the military in March, stopped his work with the generals because sanctions prevented him from being paid.

POL Minister of Defence stated that more than 8 000 PDF recruits were fully trained.


15 July

ECN Independent Economists for Myanmar warned of a twin electricity sector crisis: (1) A short-term financing gap because customers are not paying their power bills; (2) which could lead to high inflation if the junta is forced to increase the money supply to cover the financing shortfall. Authorities are trying to force people to pay bills by cutting off supply – the response of guerrilla groups is bombing electricity offices.

POL Major Tun Tauk Naing, a leading member of the Mandalay PDF who was arrested on 23 June, now actively working with the SAC to try and convince PDF members to return back to the fold.

CDM 176 CDM civil servants of the education department from 18 townships of Shan State were removed from their positions.

INT Human rights groups called for Japan to cancel a real estate project involving Myanmar's defense ministry, saying the project is linked to the military.


16 July

INT The UK Parliament released a report on the Myanmar crisis and called on the UK Government “to treat the democratically elected NUG as a government-in-waiting.”

VIO Two boys, aged 12 and 15, charged with violating the Explosive Substances Act, and face at least 5 years in prison if convicted.


17 July

POL The NUG Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation blacklisted 21 directors and managers from Myanma Gems Enterprise for pressuring CDM staff.


18 July

INT The NUG requested the international community to provide humanitarian assistance amid the escalating COVID-19 crisis: 945 000 people are in need of aid, 336 000 people are internally displaced, and 6.2 million people experiencing food insecurity.

CDM INT The son of ASSK Htein Lin (Kim Aris) attended and addressed the Martyrs' Day event in London.

VIO 5 000 residents from 3 villages in Sagaing Region fled their homes after junta raids.


19 July

CDM Martyrs’ Day ceremony marking the assassination of General Aung San and his colleagues on 19 July 1947, opponents of the coup held protests.

VIO 44 soldiers were killed after stepping on landmines in Magway Region’s Pauk Township.

VIO The Tatmadaw bombed 2 villages in Kachin State, displacing some 200 villagers.


20 July

POL SAC released an order under Section 419 of the Constitution, providing amnesties to all those charged prior to 1 February, in order to prevent the proliferation of COVID-19 cases in detention facilities.

INT  A UNHCR convoy of trucks arrived in Mindat, Chin State. The UNHCR will distribute mosquito nets, sleeping mats, blankets, kitchen sets, solar lamps, and personal protective equipment for COVID-19 prevention.

ECN Russia postponed the construction of an iron-smelting plant in Myanmar to 2023.


21 July

POL The NUG formed an 11-member COVID-19 Task Force with local health organizations in the country’s ethnic areas to control the virus in cooperation with international agencies.

INT Head of Russia's state arms exporter said that Moscow was cooperating closely with the junta to supply it with military hardware, including aircraft.

VIO The ceasefire broke in the Chin State as the military soldiers clashed with civilian resistance fighters.


22 July

INT  730 000 (out of 2 million) vaccines donated by China arrived in Yangon.

ECN In the MAKS-2021 aerospace exhibition, the head of the Russian state-owned arms company Rosoboronexport said that Myanmar is their main customer in SE Asia.


23 July

CDM Thousands of political prisoners held protests against prison authorities by shouting anti-regime slogans at Yangon’s Insein Prison.

POL A new temporary head of the embassy in London appointed by the junta.


24 July

INT ECN The EU allocated € 2 million of financial support to independent humanitarian organizations to help fight the pandemic.

INT The UNHCR is not allowed to distribute humanitarian aid in Chin State to 6 000 IDPs outside of Mindat because of security reasons – only 66 families staying in a church and a monastery received aid. ​​The remaining supplies were left on site and the convoy left.


26 July

ECN According to the World Bank, Myanmar’s economy contracted by 18% this fiscal year.

INT Russia delivered a consignment of warplanes to the military.

POL The military officially canceled the November 2020 elections, citing its unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud. The NLD rejected the annulment.


27 July

INT The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) on behalf of 474 Myanmar CSOs submitted a complaint against Telenor to Norway, contending that Telenor’s sale of its Myanmar business fails to meet the standards of responsible disengagement set out in the OECD Guidelines.

VIO PDF in Mon State destroyed the gas pipeline to Thailand.

VIO 5 unidentified bodies were discovered in Sagaing Region, the discovery comes 2 weeks after 15 bodies were found in the same township.


28 July

INT US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin decried the actions of the military and urged ASEAN to keep demanding an end to the violence.

VIO 57 members of the Mingin PDF in Sagaing Region were detained after an ambush by soldiers.


29 July

VIO PDF in Pale issued a written warning to all village heads in the township that if they continued to serve the regime council they would be attacked for betraying the people.


30 July

ECN The military-controlled Central Bank of Myanmar sold nearly US$90 million since the coup as the kyat’s value tumbles.

VIO 7 bodies with bullet wounds were found in the jungle area of Kani, Sagaing Region, after clashes with the army.

VIO The 3rd mass grave was found in Sagaing Region with 12 bodies including one of a 14-year-old boy.


31 July

EXM Rakhine State military council said journalists will not be included in target groups for the current round (100 000 people) of COVID-19 vaccinations.

VIO Tatmadaw infantry troop hit by a landmine near Thit Win Village, 15 soldiers killed.

VIO Chair of Moe Thauk Kyal Anti-Narcotic Association in Sagaing Region shot dead by 8 gunmen. He was accused of being a military informant.