January 2023

1 January

POL MAH handed out decorations to honor his predecessors and ultranationalist Buddhist monk U Wirathu on New Year’s Day.


3 January

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing Region (30 junta soldiers and pro-regime militia members were killed).


4 January

POL The military’s proxy party USDP met with 37 other political parties that attended the junta-organized Independence Day parade in Naypyitaw where MAH announced the sham 2023 elections.

VIO Clashes: in Kayin State (200 soldiers were killed). / 3 leaders of the regime-allied Arakan Liberation Army were assassinated in Sittwe.


5 January

POL The military government released 7,012 prisoners under an amnesty to mark independence day. Among the released Thura Aung Ko (former government minister) and Htin Lin Oo (author and NLD official).

POL Officials from the United Wa State Party, Shan State Progress Party, and MNDAA met with the junta’s State Peace Talks Team in Naypyitaw to discuss the groups’ political needs and the basic articles of the constitution. 

INT Chinese officials urged the Myanmar military government to reopen the border crossing in northern Shan State.

CDM Mandalay PDFs held talks with the NUG to discuss operations and the creation of more battalions.


6 January

VIO Clashes: in Karen, Sagaing, Mandalay, and Magwe regions (110 military soldiers were killed over 6 days). /  After the release of 7 000 prisoners across the country, prison guards in Pathein Prison killed 2 political prisoners and brutally beat 60 other people during an altercation.


7 January

VIO Riots broke out in a prison west of Yangon, killing 1 and injuring 60 prisoners. / 2 female resistance fighters blew themselves up to avoid being searched by military soldiers based in Sagaing Region.


8 January

VIO Clashes: in Kayin State (48 junta soldiers were killed).


9 January

INT Journalist Bertil Lintner wrote that Chinese surveillance technology using facial and licence recognition software has played a key role in blunting the effectiveness of anti-junta urban guerillas in cities. Last year, Reuters also reported that Myanmar companies installing cameras for the junta were sourcing from Chinese firms

INT Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo to discuss the relevance of the 5PC. 

INT The regime council withdrew the pardon under which Sean Turnell was released from prison. 

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing region (junta forces burned 150 houses).


10 January

VIO INT The junta air force dropped bombs on both sides of the Myanmar-India border, killing 5 ethnic-Chin opposition soldiers and destroying civilian structures.


11 January

INT Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi announced that she will lead a newly-set up office of the ASEAN special envoy on Myanmar, to engage with all stakeholders to address the post-coup crisisin Myanmar..

INT China didn´t pick up on an invitation to attend the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) summit in Myanmar.

INT officials found assets belonging Myanmar’s military’s officials’ family during a drug raid on Bangkok apartment of a Myanmar tycoon.

VIO Clashes: across the country (65 junta forces were killed in 4 days) and in Sagaing Region (junta forces burned down 90 houses and forced 300 residents to flee).


12 January

VIO PDF launched bomb attacks on voter registration sites in Mandalay, as a warning to people helping with the military regime’s preparations for the elections.


13 January

VIO Clashes: in Shan State (30 junta soldiers were killed).


15 January

POL The chairman of the USDP travelled to Shan State to woo ethnic support for the junta’s planned election.

POL Junta Home Affairs Minister Lieutenant-General Soe Htut urged military officials to take advantage of the ongoing “pre-poll census” to track down resistance groups.

ECN CDM The NUG raised $100 million from selling bonds, auctioning the property of MAH and collecting taxes to oppose the junta.