December 2021

1 December

INT POL The US’ top diplomat for Asia, who is currently on a visit to the region, will reaffirm Washington’s commitment to work with Southeast Asian countries, including on the Myanmar crisis.

POL The military regime filed a new corruption charge against ASSK and President U Win Myint related to the rental and purchase of a helicopter for use in the management of natural disasters and state affairs.

INT The UN's credential committee decided to defer the decisions on the representatives of Myanmar, meaning that the Myanmar junta will not be allowed into the world body for now and Kyaw Moe Tun will remain Myanmar's ambassador to the UN.

CDM 2,000 soldiers and 6,000 police officers now joined the CDM against the junta since the coup.

INT Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his Cambodian counterpart Hun Sen agreed during an online conference to “work closely together over the situation in Myanmar” and disputes in the South China Sea.

INT At a ceremony receiving foreign ambassadors’ credentials, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that “the international political, ethnic, and denominal situation in Myanmar should be settled without external interference”.

VIO 400 telecommunication towers in Myanmar were destroyed by opponents of the coup.

VIO Clashes: in Kachin State (32 Tatmadaw personnel killed) and in Sagaing Region (burned down around 20 houses).


2 December

VIO Junta forces stealing cattle from IDPs in Sagaing Region and selling them to brokers at cheap prices.


3 December

INT Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said he is ready to visit military-ruled Myanmar, which would make him the first head of government to meet the leaders of the regime.

INT Myanmar people continued being arrested for illegal entry in Thailand and more than 180 people were detained in Thailand in 2 days.

INT The Myanmar military junta participated in the ASEAN-Russia Naval Exercise, hosted by Indonesia on 1-3 December. According to Justice for Myanmar, the exercise shows a deepening level of Indonesian and ASEAN complicity with the Myanmar military junta.

VIO Chin State is facing serious shortages of food and medicine because of restrictions imposed by junta forces on transporting goods to the region.

VIO The junta killed around 100 children in the 10 months since the coup, according to the NUG.


4 December

INT The Czech Government and the NUG reached an agreement for Myanmar citizens in Czechia to extend their passports. Discussions on the technical process are still ongoing. The Czech government has already extended visas for Myanmar citizens by 1 year and 6 months.


5 December

VIO At least 5 protestors were killed and 15 arrested by the SAC members who rammed through and gunned down people in Yangon during the brutal crackdown.


6 December

POL ASSK and Win Myint received their 1st guilty verdicts from a military court, both convicted under section 505(b) of the Penal Code for incitement as well as under section 25 of the Natural Disaster Management Law for breaching COVID-19 restrictions. Initially, they were handed 4-year sentences, but the junta unexpectedly announced that both had been issued a pardon, reducing their sentences to 2 years.

INT The UN ambassador of Myanmar’s civilian government Kyaw Moe Tun will remain in the position for the time being, after the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution delaying the decision on who will represent the country at the world body.

VIO Clash: in Mandalay Region (23 soldiers killed).


7 December

INT Japanese Kirin filed for arbitration at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre over the termination of its joint venture with MEHL.

INT An Uzbekistan Airways plane landed at Yangon International Airport, carrying paper used for printing banknotes.

POL The junta made military training compulsory for soldiers' children. Since April, any male or female child over the age of 15 and able to hold a gun has been forced to undergo military training.

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing Region (50 soldiers were killed, the junta burned alive 10 villagers, and 2 000 civilians were forced to flee their homes).


8 December

INT POL The US’ top diplomat for Asia, who is currently on a visit to the region, will reaffirm Washington’s commitment to work with Southeast Asian countries, including on the Myanmar crisis.

INT The EU stopped renting its official ambassador’s residence from the family of late Myanmar dictator General Ne Win after 8 years.

CDM Police officers who left their posts to join the CDM in Kalay formed their own law enforcement service in partnership with local PDF fighters.

VIO Myanmar soldiers were accused of rounding up 11 people in a village in Sagaing before shooting them and setting their bodies on fire.

VIO Clashes: in Magwe, Sagaing, Mandalay and Yangon regions and Chin and Kayah states (80 junta soldiers killed).

9 December

INT Facebook removes all pages, groups, and accounts of businesses affiliated with the junta. Meta said it would continue to monitor the situation in Myanmar and take necessary steps to ensure the safety of the Myanmar people.

INT MAH held virtual talks with Cambodia’s Commander-in-Chief, General Vong Pisen, who reportedly invited MAH to attend the 19th ASEAN Chiefs of Defence Forces meeting in March 2022.

VIO 500 violent clashes were recorded between the junta and the KNU during the last 2 months, killing 461 regime soldiers, according to the KNU.

VIO Clashes: in Magwe, Sagaing, Mandalay and Yangon regions, and Chin and Kayah states (80 junta soldiers were reportedly killed).


10 December

INT A UK-based NGO submitted evidence to the ICC on World Human Rights Day, proving that MAH is guilty of crimes against humanity.

CDM Protesters hold a "Silent strike" nationwide against the military junta after the massacre of villagers by soldiers. The junta pressured the public not to participate and keep shops open.

INT A senior US official urged Cambodia not to make any concessions to Myanmar's military junta when Phnom Peng chairs the ASEAN next year.

INT  Myanmar resumed rare-earth trade with China after border reopening, to ease elevated prices.

INT  European CSOs have been pushing for a new round of targeted economic sanctions on sources of revenue to the military, but the EU has not announced yet whether it considers the 4th round of sanctions.

INT The US imposed extensive human rights-related sanctions on dozens of people and entities tied to China, Myanmar, North Korea and Bangladesh. Canada and the UK imposed the same sanctions on the Myanmar military-linked organizations (but not on the chief ministers), and added the military’s Directorate of Procurement, another weapon institution, to their list as well.

11 December

POL The NUG’s Ministry of Planning, Finance, and Investment legalized the use of "USD Tether (USDT)", a stable cryptocurrency for local use, which should eliminate barriers to donate to the NUG and to PDF.


12 December

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (90 junta forces killed) and in Mandalay (8 members PDF dead by the junta forces).


13 December

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (100 houses burned down by the junta forces).


14 December

EXM Journalist Soe Naing died in military custody, after being arrested on 10 December. This is the first known death of a journalist since the coup. The same day the regime sentenced 3 Shan-based journalists and one of their family members to 3 years  in prison.

INT Despite not being formally invited to US President Joe Biden’s democracy summit held 9-10 December, the NUG delivered an address - at the invitation of Venezuelan president Juan Guiadó (whose government is also contested).


15 December

ECN According to Global Witness, despite gemstone mining being currently illegal (since all mining licences expired in 2020), it is funding the junta, including via major international brands. 

INT China facilitated talks in Mong La between the Myanmar junta and 6 EAOs based in the country’s north.

INT An independent group of former UN human rights observers, the Special Advisory Council for Myanmar (SACM), said the military should be designated and treated as a terrorist organization because of its extreme acts of criminal violence against civilians.

INT Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Prak Sokhonn will be the new ASEAN Special Envoy to Myanmar. 

VIO 200 junta soldiers aimed at flushing out the democracy activists who had taken refuge in Lay Kay Kaw (dubbed the peace town, established in 2015 to house returning refugees from Thailand) in Karen State.

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region and Mon State (60 junta soldiers killed within 3 days) and in Kayin State (20 soldiers killed). 


16 December

VIO Clash: in Karen State (18 junta soldiers died). 


17 December

INT Justice For Myanmar calls for investigation and a global arms embargo after the Myanmar military junta commissioned aircraft manufactured in France, Russia & China.

POL ASSK appeared in prison uniform in the court. 

VIO 2 500 people fled fighting between army and ethnic minority groups and took refuge across the border in Thailand. On 19 December, Thailand sent over 600 Myanmar refugees back across the border. 

INT MAH and Tatmadaw leaders’ trial due in Argentine court for genocide against Rohingya. 

VIO Clash: in Magway Region (20 people killed by a regime airstrike).


19 December

ECN Junta troops raided 2 jade trading compounds in Mandalay, detaining around 300 brokers and traders for selling jade via the online Chinese payment platform WeChat, which the military regime has banned. The junta-appointed Mandalay City Development Committee called for all trade to be conducted at its Maha Aung Myay market. However, many don’t dare to go there because they are afraid of both the military regime and the resistance groups that warned against trading at the official market to prevent the regime from receiving taxes. There have been 5 explosions near the market since it reopened.

VIO Clash: in Shan State (100 junta soldiers killed).


20 December

INT Human Rights Watch urged Japan to halt a military study-abroad program in which cadets from Myanmar receive combat training.

INT The military shut down the office of the UN Special Envoy for the country, reasoning that the term of the envoy, Christine Schraner Burgener, is over.

VIO Clashes: in Sagaing and Magwe regions (10 civilians and resistance fighters killed by junta airstrikes, while hundreds of local residents displaced) and in Naypyitaw (12 junta soldiers killed).


21 December

INT Myanmar and Russia jointly organized the 12th ADMM-Plus Experts’ Working Group on counter-terrorism. The meeting was chaired by Myanmar through videoconferencing.


22 December

INT India’s Foreign Secretary made an official visit to Myanmar on 22-23 December, the country’s 1st official outreach to the military junta

ECN Myanmar will start accepting Renminbi as an official settlement currency next year for trade with China to restart several joint projects and forge closer economic ties with Beijing.

VIO Clash: in Sagaing (20 civilians killed and 38 homes torched). 


23 December

ECN Faced with record lows of FDI, the military regime is pushing China to restart several stalled infrastructure projects and to accelerate bilateral cooperation over the coming months.


24 December

POL MAH attended the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Myanmar Navy in Yangon and commissioned the Myanmar military’s 2nd submarine (provided by China). 

VIO Massacre in Kayah state (35 people killed, tortured, burnt by the the military).


27 December

POL The NUG and the ethnic Karenni State Consultative Council held a virtual joint press conference regarding the 24 December massacre in Kayah state to publicize their findings. 

INT The UN Humanitarian Affairs Chief, Martin Griffiths, called for a thorough and transparent investigation into the 24 December massacre so that perpetrators can be brought to justice. 


28 December

POL The Brotherhood Alliance (which includes the TNLA, AA, and Kokang’s MNDAA) condemned the 24 December massacre.

INT The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken condemned the 24 December massacre. 


29 December

INT  The UNSC called for accountability for the 24 December massacre. 

VIO The Karenni community held a funeral for 33 of the at least 35 people who were killed by the military troops in Kayah State on 24 December. 

VIO The international humanitarian aid group Save the Children confirmed 2 staff were among the 35 victims of the 24 December massacre. 


30 December

INT The junta ordered its staff not to accept any notification issued by international courts (sent by the ICC or the Argentinian Federal Court) regarding any efforts to prosecute the junta leaders. 

VIO 62 detainees (including NLD government ministers and leaders, artists, and students) accused of supporting or participating in the anti-regime protests were sentenced to prison.

VIO Clash: in Kayah State (19 soldiers killed) and in Chin State (50 more houses and a church were set on fire).


31 December

INT The UN special envoy Noeleen Heyzer delivers her 1st New Year message to the Myanmar citizens assuring them they're not alone as they fight for a better future.