August 2021

1 August

POL MAH took on a new title as Prime Minister of the newly formed caretaker government (replacing the SAC) and extended the state of emergency until new multi-party elections by August 2023 and promised cooperation with any special envoy named by the ASEAN.

POL Deputy Commander-in-Chief Soe Win, previously Vice-Chair of the SAC, now appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the caretaker government.

POL The SAC Councils transformed into state and regional governments. The chairpersons of the councils will remain as the chief ministers of the new regime, with some exceptions.

VIO A joint statement from UNFPA and UN Women in Myanmar was released expressing the impacts of the compounded political and health crisis on women and girls in Myanmar.

VIO The leader of a PDF in Magway Region was killed in a shootout with police while providing covering fire so his fighters could flee an ambush.


2 August

INT 462 CSOs made formal submissions to the EU, UK, US, and Australia, demanding sanctions on the military-controlled Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE).

POL NUG declared the military caretaker government illegal and condemned MAH for taking the prime minister role.

CDM 20 civil servants arrested for supporting the CDM released from Insein Prison.

INT British Foreign Secretary condemned the junta's extension of the state of emergency.

VIO The military and members of the extremist Pyusawhti group destroyed 30 houses and shops in Magway Region’s Pauk Township.


3 August

VIO The military force used heavy artillery in an attack on Laiza in Kachin State where the headquarters of the KIA is based.

VIO 9 village heads in Pale resigned after receiving a warning from PDF in Pale on 29 July.

INT Myanmar’s UN envoy Kyaw Moe Tun sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General accusing the military of a massacre in Sagaing area and requesting action.


4 August

INT ASEAN appointed a special envoy to address the crisis in Myanmar, naming Brunei’s foreign minister Erywan Yusof, who was accepted by the military.

POL The military limited the number of foreign staff allowed to work in domestic banks, a move that could further impede financial development.

INT The 1st announced contact between a senior US official State, Deputy Wendy Sherman, and NUG Foreign Minister Zin Mar Aung.

INT Myanmar UN envoy Kyaw Moe Tun stepped up personal security amid threats.


5 August

POL 28 political parties, including USDP, Rakhine State National United Party, Wa National Party, Mro National Development Party, Karen People’s Party, and National Development Party issued a joint statement saying they will work with the junta.

VIO Explosions at 6 sites in Loikaw, Kayah State, including 2 government offices.


6 August

CDM Beauty queen Htar Htet is collecting donations to support comrades involved in the CDM.

POL The military offered amnesty to some protesters in hiding, prompting a skeptical response from several facing charges.

POL Hundreds of CSOs rejected the appointment of the special envoy by the ASEAN, saying the organization should have also consulted opponents of the junta and other parties.

INT VIO 2 Myanmar citizens - Phyo Hein Htut and Kyaw Moe Tun - arrested in New York for plotting with an arms dealer in Thailand (who sells weapons to the Burmese military) to kill Myanmar's UN envoy. The junta still demands the envoy be extradited to face charges of high treason, which can carry a death sentence. The US Department of Justice released a statement on the incident.

POL ​​The junta’s Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin indicated the regime’s opposition to Erywan's meeting with NUG representatives at the ASEAN-EU ministerial meeting.


8 August

CDM Anti-military protests broke out across the country on the 33rd anniversary of the 1988 uprising. The campaign slogan was “Blood feuds from ’88 must be settled by 2021.”

INT In the UK and other countries, such as Italy, hundreds of people gathered outside the Myanmar embassy to join the 33rd anniversary of the 1988 uprising as a campaign for international recognition of the NUG


9 August

VIO 750 regime personnel were killed in more than 350 violent incidents during July, according to figures released by the NUG.

EXM Facebook removed 79 accounts, 13 pages, 8 groups, and 19 Instagram accounts linked to the military.


10 August

INT  The US gave Myanmar $50 million in aid as a result of an online meeting between US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield and head of the NUG's new COVID-19 Task Force Dr. Cynthia Maung.

ECN Mindat CDF offers K5 million reward to regime forces who defect to it with their weapons.

INT More than 500 000 people signed a petition for the New Zealand government to recognize NUG.

VIO The military launched a series of raids and arrests in Yangon after the city saw a surge in attacks against the junta.

VIO Hundreds of residents of at least 10 villages in Sagaing Region were forced to flee after junta forces raided their villages.


11 August

VIO 5 anti-junta activists leaped from a high-level building in Yangon, plunging to their deaths rather than facing arrest.

INT China to fund 21 development projects in agreement with the military, which China now started calling the military “government”.


12 August

INT CDM The UNGA is expected to decide next month whether the junta or the NUG represents Myanmar on the world stage. Small-scale demonstrations (e.g. in Mandalay) were held across the country in recent days, with protesters displaying messages of support for the NUG. The related "Accept NUG, Reject Military" profile campaign on social media reached about 2 million netizens in 3 days.

VIO 30 junta soldiers killed by armed resistance fighters in Kayah State and Sagaing Region.

INT A group of 45 global and Myanmar human rights, media, and other organizations called on Norway’s Telenor Group to halt the controversial sale of its Myanmar operation to M1 Group.


13 August

INT Thai arms manufacturer Chaiseri Metal and Rubber Co. Ltd denied any connection with an assassination attempt against Myanmar’s ambassador to the UN.

VIO 4 unidentified men killed the chair of the junta-allied National Democratic Force’s Karenni State chapter at his home in Loikaw.


14 August

VIO In Sagaing Region a military convoy hit a landmine; 3 security personnel were killed and 10 were injured.


15 August

EXM 2 more journalists detained - Sithu Aung Myint and Ma Htet Htet Khine - bringing the number of media staff detained since the coup to 95.

POL Tickets in the NUG Spring Lottery, aimed at raising funds, sold out on the 1st day within 2 hours.

VIO A group of unidentified attackers killed 5 police officers on the Yangon train.

VIO In Mindat Township, fighting between security forces and CDF Mindat continued.


16 August

VIO Resistance fighters from Shan and Kayah states killed 10 junta soldiers after an attack on the power line.

VIO Leader of the Mandalay Protest Alliance Force Kyaw Thiha stopped on his motorbike, beaten and arrested at gunpoint by plainclothes junta soldiers.


17 August

INT The UK's ambassador to the UN called for an "immediate and sustained" ceasefire in Myanmar in order to vaccinate the public for COVID-19.

ECN The junta’s UEC announced plans to audit the financial records of Myanmar’s political parties, which may be used as a pretext to disband certain parties.

VIO A man was shot in the head in Mingin after drunk soldiers questioned him about not wearing a face mask.

ECN Australian company, the largest investor in the Bawdwin lead, silver, and zinc mine in northern Shan State, announced that it sold all of its shares in the project and would be leaving Myanmar.

INT The UN Security Council held closed consultations on the situation in Myanmar and also met with the ASEAN Special Envoy on Myanmar.

INT Russia called for lifting sanctions on Myanmar to improve the humanitarian situation.


18 August

ECN A new report by the Independent Economists for Myanmar argued that mismanagement by the military triggered a full-scale banking crisis by (1) arresting 4 of Myanmar’s leading financial experts; (2) suspending 200 staff at the Central Bank; (3) stopping depositors from accessing most of their money; and (4) using threats to force people to place their cash into banks.

POL In Naypyitaw, 4 ousted officials charged under Section 55 of anti-corruption law

VIO The military raided the homes of three elected NLD parliamentarians in Sagaing Region’s Depayin Township, arresting members of their families when the MPs themselves could not be located.

VIO The death toll as a result of the coup topped 1 000, according to AAPP.

VIO The Yaw PDF killed 20 junta soldiers in a remote mine attack.


19 August

CDM 40 military troops based in Tanintharyi and Magwe regions fled the armed forces and joined in against the junta.

CDM For the 1st time, after 143 years, the national lottery is being boycotted by the public, as people refuse to make any kind of payment to the military.

VIO Chair of free oxygen distribution group in Yegyi Township, Ayeyarwady Region, shot dead, and Yangon woman who provided free oxygen arrested.

VIO 1 of 3 survivors of a fall from a downtown Yangon building during a junta raid on 10 August was released from a military hospital and sent to an interrogation center.

VIO The military beat and arrested at least 15 young people during night raids in Yangon, while also looting shops and offices.


20 August

VIO Internet blackout in Hpakant in Kachin State, the area is the scene of frequent clashes between the Tatmadaw and the KIA.

POL The NUG launched Radio NUG to support effective communication between it and the people. In response, the military is confiscating radios from shops and plans to restrict imports.

VIO 50 junta soldiers killed in landmine attacks over the previous 2 days by civilian resistance fighters in Magwe Region.

INT Chinese Special Envoy for Asian Affairs was in Myanmar from 21 to 28 August at the invitation of the junta.


22 August

POL The CRPH condemned the exclusion of its representatives to attend the 42nd session of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (to be held 22-25 August) while the SAC’s representative was approved to be an observer.

VIO Resistance fighters from Tamu, Sagaing Region, killed 26 junta soldiers and police officers in 3 different attacks.


23 August

POL MAH is considering changing the country’s electoral system from the existing majoritarian model to proportional representation.

INT After the meeting with Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Alexander Fomin, Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Air Force Maung Maung Kyaw said that Myanmar counts on Russia's support in strengthening the combat potential of its armed forces.

INT Russian projects in the field of military-technological cooperation with Myanmar, including Rosoboronoexport, are being implemented according to plan.

VIO The Yaw Defense Force in Gangaw Township, Magwe Region, killed 30 junta soldiers and wounded others during an ambush.


24 August

EXM The regime cut MPT and Telenor mobile and Wi-Fi connections in areas of Mogaung Township, Kachin State.

POL The junta added a genocide law to the country’s colonial-era Penal Code, an attempt to ease international pressure on the regime as it faces a genocide charge at the ICJ for the atrocities against the Rohingya.

POL The NUG marked the 4th anniversary of the start of a campaign of violence against the Rohingya by a statement condemning the military's "atrocity crimes". The NUG also reiterated its plans to abolish the discriminatory 1982 Citizenship Law.


25 August

POL According to NUG Deputy Foreign Minister, the ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar, Erywan Yusof, has not yet contacted the NUG officially.

POL INT Myanmar bought Russian Pantsir S-1 systems (tactical air defense system).

ECN China opened a section of a rail line, part of BRI, which will provide China with access to the Indian Ocean via Myanmar.

VIO Salai Van Bawi Thang (10) was shot dead during gunfire by junta forces in Thantlang, Chin State.

VIO The military arrested the wife and son of U Naing Gan Lin, Yangon Region Minister for Social Affairs when they visited Insein prison.

VIO The military detained around 150 civilians (activists, NLD lawmakers, and striking civil servants) in 10 days this month as it continues its crackdown on the opposition.

VIO The chair of the Kachin National Congress M Kawn La was arrested by the military in Naypyitaw, as the 1st leader of an ethnic political party to be detained since the coup.


26 August

INT South Korea’s presidential office says it will continue to interact with NUG; it responded to an online petition signed by more than 268,000 people that calls on the Seoul government to recognize the NUG.

ECN Myanmar became the main importer of special military vehicles from Moscow (purchased for $ 7.14. million).


27 August

CDM Striking police officers in Kayah State formed a police force that will work together with anti-regime groups to fight the military rule, the 1st such shadow police force formed since February.

INT China voiced concern over the military regime’s plan to dissolve the NLD.

VIO The military and the KNU both mobilized their troops in villages south of Kawkareik Township, Karen State, as tensions rose.


28 August

CDM The NUG urged security forces not to obey SAC’s orders and pledged assistance to soldiers defecting to join the resistance.

VIO 1st clash between PDF and regime forces in Ye town, Mon State.


29 August

VIO Residents found at least 6 bodies in Kabaungkya village, 3 days after Tatmadaw forces raided the area.

VIO A series of explosions rocked at least 12 locations in Yangon and Mandalay Regions on 29 to 30 August, including offices of the NLD and the USDP.

VIO Soldiers raided the home of former NLD Regional Chief Minister Mahn Johnny and detained his relatives after a Facebook page released a photo of him holding a large rifle and wearing military fatigues.


30 August

VIO The Naypyitaw PDF attacked a military truck in Pyinmana Township and killed 11 soldiers.

VIO According to AAPP, 110 political prisoners died in regime custody since the military seized power.


31 August

CDM The People’s Soldiers group of military personnel who defected the Tatmadaw apologized to the public over killings by the military.

INT ASEAN Special Envoy Erywan Yusof held an online meeting with the military-appointed Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin. He requested a 4-month ceasefire to grant humanitarian access to aid organizations.

VIO The junta Air Force took delivery of one hundred 50kg bombs from a military factory for bombing practice.

VIO A truck carrying junta soldiers bombed by unidentified attackers in Yangon.

VIO Junta soldiers used artillery and raided Kin Ma, Magwe Region, the result of which 2 000 villagers fled to the forests.