April 2022

1 April

INT The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the Myanmar crisis after its 49th regular session. The resolution extended the mandates of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar for another year. 

VIO Myanmar military tribunal sentenced 8 more youths to death. 


2 April

INT The NUG warned China that any effort to build a partnership with the military regime would be rejected by Myanmar’s people and could seriously damage China’s international reputation in a statement after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his junta-appointed counterpart Wunna Maung Lwin in China.


3 April

POL A group of signatories to the NCA wrapped up their 5-day summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 8 signatories sent an official representative to the conference, with only the Chin National Front and the KNU absent.

POL ECN The junta ordered that foreign exchange earned by locals must be converted into the local currency at the official rate within one working day (no-dollar policy).

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (junta burned down 200 houses).


4 April

POL ECN Japan and Singapore asked for exemptions to the no-dollar policy.


5 April

EXM An internal court in Sintgaing, Mandalay Region sentenced Win Naing Oo, the chief of staff of Channel Mandalay TV, to 5 years in prison on terrorism charges.

VIO US$1 million were donated to Project Dragonfly, an initiative to help shoot down junta jet fighters and aircraft that are cracking down on civilians and PDFs.

VIO 20 junta personnel in civilian clothes raided a preschool and abducted a 4-year-old boy, instead of his father, who is accused of supporting the PDF.


7 April

INT  The US House of Representatives passed the BURMA Act of 2021 (H.R. 5497) by unanimous consent.

POL The NUG announced a slew of financial rewards to encourage more deserting junta soldiers to either bring war machines with them or destroy them while in service. Tatmadaw personnel who defect with fighter jets, military helicopters, navy boats, and navy ships and join the CDM will receive a reward of US$500,000 and those who defect with tanks and armored vehicles will receive US$100,000. 

INT The Australian ambassador to Myanmar Andrea Faulkner meet with members of the junta leadership, including MAH.

INT In a meeting at the White House between the NUG’s Minister of Human Rights Aung Myo Min and Edgard Kagan, Senior Director for East Asia and Ocean National Security Council, US support for cooperation with regional countries to support the activist movement in Myanmar was discussed. It was the 1st time a NUG minister is invited to the White House.  

VIO The vice-governor of the junta-controlled Central Bank of Myanmar, Than Than Swe, was shot at her house in Yangon’s Bahan Township, becoming the highest-ranking regime official so far to be attacked

VIO Junta forces conducted severe offensive operations at PDF bases in Sidoktaya Township, Magway Region.

VIO Clash: In Mindat (the Chinland Defence Force killed 16 junta soldiers).


8 April

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (750 houses in 13 villages burned since 5 April). 


9 April

POL Myanmar’s regime raised the official retirement age for civil servants to 62 in a bid to shore up military manpower.

VIO The NUG’s Southern Command outlined that the new resistance Nan Htike Aung Operation would besides Yangon also encompass Mon and Kayin States, and the regions of Bago, Ayeyarwaddy, and Tanintharyi, targeting soldiers, local administrators, and military informants. 


10 April

VIO Clash: in the Karen State (40 military soldiers were killed, the junta sent a column of around 300 soldiers to the region).


13 April

CDM Myanmar marked its New Year water festival with silent protests and boycotts. The state-run media worked overtime all week to pretend that everything was normal.

INT The only foreign representative who participated in the celebrations was North Korea’s ambassador to Myanmar Jong Ho Bom.

CDM In Sagaing Region, 20 000 students are being taught by 2,000 CDM teachers under the mechanisms of NUG and Kani People Administration.

VIO Clash: in Yangon Region (10 junta soldiers were killed). 

VIO The commander of the AA warned the EAOs to ready themselves for war against the junta after a recent escalation in Rakhine State. 


14 April

POL The Interim Chin National Consultative Council issued a statement on marking its 1-year anniversary; it is planning to develop the Chinland Charter and Chinland Government.

INT The junta Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned and rejected the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2021, which includes Myanmar, issued by the US State Department on 12 April 2022. 

INT NUG representatives met with Linda ThomasGreenfield, US Representative to the UN in New York. 


16 April

POL The NUG marked its 1-year anniversary.


17 April

POL To mark the Myanmar New Year, SAC pardoned 1 619 prisoners and 42 foreigners (Sean Turnell not among them).

INT Tokyo announced that it will offer Myanmar nationals residing in Japan a year-long extension on their visas, instead of the usual 6-months due to the lack of progress in advancing peace in Myanmar.

VIO CDM PDF fighters provided security for an anti-military protest in Sagaing Region. 5 resistance fighters were killed by junta soldiers.


18 April

POL The NUG set up a FB page, People’s Embrace, to help the junta soldiers and police to defect with military equippment. So far, there were up to 30 enquiries made.

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (30 junta soldiers were killed).


19 April

ECN There were long queues outside of gas stations in Yangon, Mandalay, Myitkyina, and Sittwe, over fears of a possible fuel shortage. The junta Ministry of Electricity and Energy released a statement that “a fuel shortage is impossible.”

INT Chen Hai, China’s ambassador to Myanmar, and Vinya Kumar, India’s ambassador to Myanmar, held separate meetings with UEC head U Thein Soe on April 19 and 25 respectively to discuss the military regime’s planned new election.


20 April

ECN The junta-controlled Central Bank issued a new directive clarifying which businesses and organizations were to be exempt from the foreign currency ban, including its own ministries and 7 other entities, all listed here

VIO The Karen National Defense Organization called on the Myanmar army to withdraw from two bases in Mon State’s Bilin Township within 3 days or face military action. 

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (junta forces burnt down 17 houses).


21 April

CDM A coalition of 16 resistance groups warned MEHL and Chinese companies to suspend work and urged employees at copper mines in Sagaing Region to join the CDM by 5 May. 

CDM The Blue Shirt Campaign: to express solidarity with Myanmar's political prisoners and democracy internationally. 

INT A Cambodian delegation, led by Secretary of State for the MOFA and Head of the Office of the ASEAN Special Envoy, Kung Phoak, visited Myanmar and met with the junta to discuss ASEAN humanitarian assistance and peacemaking

POL The military regime issued an “emergency alert” to all of its units across the country to prepare for resistance attacks.

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (junta burnt down 40 houses).

VIO The new pro-regime Thwe Thout vigilante group announced that to counter resistance attacks on junta targets, it was launching “Operation Red” against the supporters of the NLD and PDFs.


22 April

POL MAH invited the leaders of EAOs for talks “to end armed conflict” in a short and unusual televised address without any date or specific groups mentioned. EAO leaders are to register by 9 May.

POL Former Deputy Minister of Construction Kyaw Lin and former Minister of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations Thaung Tun were sentenced to 20 and 9 years in prison under anti-corruption charges.

VIO The junta forces killed the wife of the vice-chairperson of the Mandalay District NLD branch during interrogation and dumped her body by the side of the road. 

VIO 500 villagers of Ywangan, Shan State, fled their homes after the regime sent 400 reinforcements to the township. Clash: in Sagaing Region (20 junta soldiers were killed).

VIO The regime sent 400 reinforcements to Ywangan Township, Danu Self-Administered Zone, Shan State, due to which 500 residents fled their homes.


23 April

POL The NUG Minister of Home Affairs Lwin Ko Latt stated that interim people administrations were implemented in 29 townships of Sagaing Region and 7 townships of Magway Region; they will accept taxes contributed by the people.


24 April

POL The former Kachin State Chief Minister Dr. Khet Aung and former Finance Minister Wai Lin were sentenced to 12 and 9 years in prison under anti-corruption charges.


25 April

INT 558 domestic organisations wrote an open letter to Xi Jinping to warn him that Chinese projects in Myanmar could be targeted if China cooperates with the junta. 

INT Thailand appointed its own special envoy to Myanmar, Pornpimol Kanchalak, to facilitate greater coordination on Myanmar.

INT An informal 1st publicly-known meeting between the NUG and Malaysian Minister for Foreign Affairs Saifuddin Abdullah took place.

INT The ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights sent a letter to ASEAN leaders stating that MAH has totally failed to implement any of the Five Point Consensus, and they suggested reconsidering the role and appointment mechanism of the Special Envoy to Myanmar.


26 April

ECN The US announced it will transfer US$1 billion to the NUG as soon as possible.

INT Japan defence minister announced that it will continue training Myanmar military soldiers at 2 separate military training facilities, despite concurrently also criticising the regime and calling for peace. 

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (200 houses were torched). 


27 April

POL A Myanmar junta court found ASSK guilty of corruption for supposedly accepting bribes worth US$600,000 in cash and gold from deposed Yangon chief minister Phyo Min Thein and sentenced to 5 years in prison (in addition to the 6 years she is already serving for other cases against her). 

POL The junta-installed UEC member Khin Maung Oo spoke about the regime’s plans to hold elections next year, the plan is here

ECN The Central Bank released a statement aimed at assuaging the fears of traders importing or exporting goods to and from China and Thailand. The message confirmed that the regime’s no-dollar policy “has no effect” on border trade with either country.

INT General Director Sergey Kogogin of Russian truck giant Kamaz visited Myanmar and held talks with the junta to manufacture trucks in Myanmar, train personnel, and establish a service network.

VIO Myanmar’s military junta was increasingly using landmines in Kayah State in addition to air raids, artillery strikes, and destruction of property in the resistance stronghold.


28 April

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (junta soldiers burnt down 70 houses). 


29 April

INT MAH met with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov (an autonomous republic with its own head of government and state council which declared its sovereignty from the former Soviet Union in 1990).

INT ECN Malaysia's state energy firm Petronas said it has withdrawn from Blocks M12, M13 and M14 located in the Yetagun gas field off Myanmar, the latest exit by a major energy company since the coup.


30 April

VIO Clash: in Sagaing Region (junta soldiers burnt down 600 houses in 5 townships; 5000 residents fled).