April 2021

1 April

INT The UNSC suggested sanctioning the junta, with China and Russia blocking the attempt. In reaction, protesters called for the shut Chinese Embassy in Yangon.

POL ASSK and Sean Turnell were charged with breaking the Official Secrets Law.

INT Chinese troops gathered on the border to protect the pipelines. China requested a meeting with the military over concerns about the security of its pipelines.

EXM The military shut down the country's wireless services, leaving only fiber lines.


2 April

INT Australian government stepped up calls on the junta to release Sean Turnell.


3 April

POL 10 EAOs met virtually to discuss the situation.

INT 460 Myanmar CSOs condemned China’s position at the UNSC.

EXM 60 celebrities were arrested for opposition to the coup.


4 April

CDM Protesters handed out Easter eggs with painted anti-coup slogans.

POL Total did not halt gas production despite growing calls to do so.

EXM 20 more celebrities charged under the Penal Code.


5 April

EXM The junta raided the Hakha Post, an ethnic media outlet based in Chin State.

CDM Protesters in Yangon clapped together at 5 PM in a show of dissent.

INT Malaysia’s ambassador to Myanmar Zahairi Baharim met with the junta’s Electricity and Energy Minister Aung Than Oo.


6 April

CDM Demonstrators splashed red paint to protest against the military bloodshed.


7 April

POL The CRPH gathered 180 000 pieces of evidence of human rights abuses by the military.

INT Myanmar’s ambassador to London was locked out of the embassy.


8 April

POL SNLD called on other parties, armed resistance groups, and the CRPH to work together to form a federal army.

CDM “Marching shoes strike”, with people placing flowers in shoes in public places.

INT The US imposed sanctions on state-owned Myanmar Gems Enterprise.

INT The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar made contact with the CRPH.


9 April

INT 225 ASEAN CSOs condemned the coup.

INT European Nordic countries released a joint statement on Myanmar.

INT Another joint statement was released by Canadian ambassadors to Myanmar to stop the violence and restore democracy.

VIO 80 people killed in Bago, marking another deadly day since the coup.


10 April

POL 19 people sentenced to death for killing an associate of an army captain; 1st such sentence since the coup.

VIO A police station in Shan State was attacked by the AA, TNLA, and MNDAA, killing 14 police officers.


11 April

CDM “Flash Strike”, aiming flashlights into the night sky to signal rejection of the coup.


12 April

POL ASSK was charged again under the Natural Disaster Management Law during a video court hearing in Naypyidaw. She’s been charged in 6 cases altogether.

INT Taiwan took a tougher line against the military regime and accepted the first parliamentary motion in the Chinese-speaking world to criticize the February coup.

VIO A girl (7) shot in an attack in the Sagaing Region following the deaths of soldiers over the weekend as residents resisted earlier raids.

VIO Thousands of people fled their homes after military raids in Magway Region.


13 April

INT The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights warned that Myanmar is heading toward a full-blown conflict unless the international community steps in.

VIO A military convoy in Kachin State was attacked with explosives.


14 April

EXM The military charged 19 doctors for taking part in the CDM and supporting CRPH.

VIO 100 military troops killed in Kachin State. In response, the military carried out airstrikes, and fighting between the military and KIA intensified.


15 April

EXM The military arrested 36 protest leaders, celebrities, and activists in a single day.

CDM People refuse to celebrate the Thingyan New Year under the military.

VIO Military jet fighters used Chinese air space to attack KIA bases in the Alaw Bum mountain.

INT European Nordic Embassies in Myanmar released a joint statement urging the military to immediately stop violence and respect human rights.


16 April

POL The CRPH formed the National Unity Government (NUG), a government-in-exile, which includes 26 ousted lawmakers, members of ethnic minority groups, and anti-coup figures.

CDM “Silent strike” to mourn the 700 people killed since the coup.

VIO A day after prominent anti-coup leader Wai Moe Nang was hit by a car, arrested, and taken by the military, a picture of him badly tortured went viral.

INT ASEAN considered sending a humanitarian aid mission to Myanmar as a potential first step in a long-term plan to broker dialogue between all parties.

POL Pro-KIA march in Mogok, Mandalay Region, with large “Welcome KIA” banners on the street. The next day, the military forces gunned down at least 2 people in the city.


17 April

POL The junta released 23 184 prisoners to mark the traditional Thingyan New Year.

EXM The Media Freedom Coalition expressed deep concern with the military’s crackdown on media freedom: 1 2021 attacks against media professionals, at least 60 journalists detained and charged. The statement was signed by 28 states.


18 April

EXM The military detained again Japanese journalist Yuki Kitazumi on a fake news allegation.


19 April

INT The detained Japanese journalist Yuki Kitazumi was transferred to Insein prison. Japanese diplomats requested a visit in jail but it wasn’t granted.

INT UN Secretary-General and Ban Ki-moon urged ASEAN's governments to push to end the crisis in Myanmar.

INT The EU imposed sanctions (second round) on 10 of the military leaders and 2 giant military conglomerates.

VIO The military dug up bodies and destroyed a monument created to honor civilians killed by their regime in Bago.


21 April

CDM A blue-shirt campaign to call for the release of 3 300 detainees.

INT ECN The US Treasury sanctioned 2 state-owned enterprises, Myanma Timber Enterprise and Myanmar Pearl Enterprise.

VIO Medics confronting routine attacks by the military: 139 medics face charges and the military threatened to revoke their passports and bar them from practice.


22 April

POL INT An open letter from the NUG expressed willingness to join the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting.

POL INT The NUG urged Interpol to work with Indonesian police to arrest MAH when he travels for the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting on 23 April, his 1st overseas trip.

POL Pro-KIA protests in Kachin State and in central Myanmar.


23 April

INT China expressed hope about the upcoming ASEAN Leaders' Meeting paving the way for a “soft landing”.

EXM Prominent activist Wai Moe Naing facing a 28-year prison sentence.

CDM Protesters returned to the streets of Yangon after a weeks-long absence following military-led massacres that killed hundreds.


24 April

INT ASEAN’s Special Meeting on Myanmar in Jakarta: released a “5 Points of Consensus”. Pro-democracy activists fiercely rejected the agreement.

INT The EU joined ASEAN in calling for an immediate cessation of violence and a start of constructive dialogue involving all parties, including the NUG.


25 April

CDM In Mandalay, the University Students Union called for a boycott of military-provided education as the junta plans to reopen schools.


26 April

POL In a court hearing, ASSK complained about not being able to meet her lawyers in person. The next court hearing is scheduled for 10 May.

INT 249 youth organizations from 65 countries joined the “Joint Statement of World’s Civil Society and Youth on Myanmar’s Human Rights Crisis”.


27 April

EXM 2 journalists from the Mandalay-based Voice of Myanmar detained, bringing the number of detained journalists to 43.

INT The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar wrote an open letter to MAH.

VIO 5 000 Kachin villagers fled to churches and monasteries due to intensified tension between the military and KIA and frequent airstrikes.

VIO At least 20 military troops were killed in Chin State.


28 April

EXM More charges including high treason against prominent activist Wai Moe Naing.


29 April

INT CSOs condemned the UN for having Lieutenant-General Than Hlaing representing Myanmar in the 64th session of the Commission on Narcotics Drugs.

INT The EU extended sanctions for another year.

VIO 20 soldiers from the 77th Light Infantry Division were killed during an attack by the KIA in Kachin State.

VIO 2 000 people fled to Thailand escaping ongoing military airstrikes near an IDP camp in Karen State.


30 April

EXM Authorities threatened residents in Kachin State to remove satellite dishes from their homes (with which they can watch independent news) or be fined.

INT The UNSC failed to agree on a joint statement on Myanmar, with diplomats blaming China and Russia for raising objections.